EdgeStar BIDW1802 18-inch Wide, 8 Place Setting Energy Star Built-In Dishwasher Review

EdgeStar BIDW1802 18″, 8 Place Setting Dishwasher 

EdgeStar BIDW1802SS Dishwasher

EdgeStar BIDW1802 is a sleek and modern, 18-inch wide, Energy Star rated built-in dishwasher with and 8 place settings, and different options. It has an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars by 7 customers, with mostly positive reviews, and can be purchased in stainless steel (BIDW1802SS), black (BIDW1802BL) or white (BIDW1802WH).

The EdgeStar Dishwasher has two pull-out dish racks, a cup tray and a silverware basket and 8 place settings. You have the digital push buttons on the front control panel and you can choose from six washing cycles of Eco, Normal, Rapid, Heavy, Glass and Rinse. And the three options include the Hi Temp, Sanitize and Heated Dry.

You have the Start/Cancel button and the light indicators on the right of the button for the 4 stages of washing: Pre-wash, main-wash, rinse and drying. You’ll hear a buzzer sound when the dishwashing cycle is completed. As a security feature, as soon as a leak is detected the leakage sensor will turn off the water flow automatically, to prevent water damage- flooding in your house. It runs fairly quietly at a noise level of 52 decibels without disturbing you or people in the house.

EdgeStar Dishwasher weighs 52.9 pounds and measures 32.5H x 17.75W x 22.4D inches. It is spacious and has more than enough interior space for up to (8) place settings. It is only 17.75 inches wide to be exact and will fit in the space for a trash compactor or dishwasher. There is a rinse aid compartment to help dry the dishes quickly and to get rid of spots and prevent any firm build ups. As compared to other dishwashers on the market, generally speaking it is more compact in size and uses up less water. A “Normal wash” cycle will use 2. to 4.9 gallons each wash, ECO will use 4.1 gallons and “Heavy” cycle will use 5.2 gallons, which is the maximum amount for this dishwasher.

EdgeStar BIDW1802SS Dishwasher Control Panel

You won’t need to get or use any additional adapters if you will use the machine in the US as it includes the standard water connections. The buzzer at the end of the cycle can’t be turned off but it is not a big deal. The tub inside and the shelves are made of the sturdy and durable stainless steel and the silverware container is solid plastic. It is easy on the eyes, is compact in size if you don’t have much space for a dishwasher in your kitchen but has a well designed, spacious interior with different compartments. Whichever color you choose it will look good under your counter with a simple modern design. It is powerful and functional, works well, and is easy to use. It is shipped quickly via Amazon.com and you should receive it within a few days.

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