Avallon 42 Bottle 24″ Dual Zone French Door Built-In Wine Cooler Review

Avallon 42 Bottle 24″ Dual Zone French Door Built-in Wine Cooler

Avallon AWC241FD 42 Bottle 24-inch Dual Zone French Door

Avallon AWC241FD is a 42-bottle capacity 24-inch size stainless steel built-in wine cooler with dual zones and French doors. There are 12 wooden shelves with the metal fronts and slide out easily when you need to get a bottle of wine. This premium wine fridge was recently released and is rated an average of 4.1 out of 5 stars by 8 customers at the time of this review.

The double zones on the Avallon Wine Cooler is good for having two different cooling zones for your red and white bottles and to store them in the ideal temperature conditions. These two sections of this fridge have a temperature range of 40 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit that you can adjust easily through each one’s control panel at the top front. Your different types of wines can be preserved at just the right temperatures. The fridge cools down quickly with the powerful and efficient compressors and the double circulation fans inside with the cold air distributed evenly without leaving any hot spots.

Avallon AWC241FD weighs 135 pounds and measures 23.69 x 23.81 x 34.31 inches. It will look good wherever you put it with its black exterior with the stainless steel doors and handles. This wine cooler has a premium look and feel and will look good in your kitchen, media room or living room if you use it as a freestanding unit. With the front ventilation it can be installed as mounted flush with the cabinet. So it is a versatile cooler in terms of installation type. Please note that the 42 bottle capacity is for 42 x standard 750ml Bordeaux type bottles with 2.75-inch diameter. You also have the bottom parts under the shelves to put more bottles. And if you wish to put larger or different shaped bottles on the shelves you can remove a shelf or two and the capacity will be reduced.

You can store your precious wine bottles with a peace of mind as there will be no loss in their quality. This premium wine fridge has a very good insulation with the double paned doors with the low-E glass that stops the harmful ultraviolet rays and other lights. It comes with the blue and white interior LED lights inside that will illuminate your bottles nicely. Any undesirable smells or debris that can get in the fridge are eliminated with the carbon filters in two zones. You can fit in two or three champagne or sparkling wine bottles in each bottom section. The doors open to the sides properly and you will not have any problems when getting the shelves out. You don’t need any clearance around the fridge as it has the front ventilation.

Avallon Wine Cooler works quietly, making less noise than a standard refrigerator. It comes with the two factory installed True-Key locks to stop the intruders from getting in the fridge without your permission. It even has a door alarm when it is left open and you can hear it easily from different rooms of your house. The interior temperatures in both zones stay within one degree of the set temperatures consistently. The wooden shelves are good quality and the door handles are easy to install. Please note that it will be delivered curbside and not inside your apartment or house. And you need to put your valid phone number when you order the product. The warranty offered is 5 years for the compressor and 1 year for the parts and labor. This wine cooler was assembled in China but most parts are made in Germany.

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