Beanglass Mini Espresso Machine, Nespresso Pods Compatible Semi Automatic Coffee Maker, BGS-C04 Review

Beanglass Mini Espresso Machine, Nespresso Pods Compatible Semi Automatic Coffee Maker, BGS-C04  

beanglass Mini Espresso Machine Compatible for Nespresso Orignial Pods

For those who want the convenience of a Nespresso machine without the high cost, the Beanglass Mini Espresso Machine is a sleek and portable coffee maker. This espresso maker, offered at a budget price, has a 20-bar high-pressure pump, a portable design, and several other features that set it apart from competitors. We will examine all aspects of the Beanglass Mini Espresso Machine in this product review, including design, functionality, and customer feedback.

Design and Build Quality:

The Beanglass Mini Espresso Machine is impressive for its lightweight and small design. With its compact size of 13″D x 4.5″W x 8.6″H and weight of only 2.6 kg, this coffee maker is ideal for small places, be they offices, dorm rooms, or flats. The rounded corners and curving form offer an air of refinement, while the white color option emphasizes its contemporary style.

The machine’s build is sturdy and well-built, with a clear attention to detail. The user experience is guaranteed to be hassle-free because of the removable water tank, drip tray, and capsule container, which together make cleaning and maintenance easier.


The Beanglass Mini Espresso Machine’s 20-bar high-pressure pump, which guarantees consistently excellent coffee in the barista style, is its primary feature. This espresso maker produces the ideal brew by maintaining a water temperature between 85 and 92°C with a power input of 1350 watts.

Espresso (about 20–25 ml) and lungo coffee (about 40–50 ml) are the two programmable cup sizes available to users. The user can adjust the cup size with a single button press. Notable energy-saving features of the machine include an automatic switch-off function that turns it off after 30 minutes of idleness to help save electricity.

Ease of Use and Cleaning:  

Easy to use, the Beanglass Mini Espresso Machine brews coffee quickly and effortlessly beanglass Mini Espresso Machine Parts with a single touch. For consumers with varying tastes, the adjustable cup tray offers flexibility by accommodating both espresso and lungo sizes.

The machine’s removable water tank, drip tray, and capsule container make cleaning it easy. Because of the effective design, maintenance is a hassle-free process because it is simple to disassemble and reassemble.

Customer Feedback:

Customers’ positive reviews emphasize the Beanglass Mini Espresso Machine’s affordability and efficiency. A customer who was first put off by the cost of Nespresso machines complimented the Beanglass for its functionality and small size, saying it’s easy to clean and doesn’t take up much room.

Another user highlighted the machine’s versatility by pointing out that it can make a decent cup of coffee with little to no effort. It was also noted for its appealing design and compact size, which made it a great option for tiny areas. A customer praised the machine’s overall performance, short heat-up time, and small size while using it in an office setting. For best outcomes, the user advised making sure the right pod size was used.


One great Nespresso-compatible coffee maker that lives up to expectations is the Beanglass Mini Espresso Machine. With its 20-bar high-pressure pump, small size, and easy-to-use features, it provides coffee lovers with a reasonably priced substitute. Positive client feedback confirms its effectiveness and makes it worth even more. Consider the Beanglass Mini Espresso Machine if you’re looking for a reliable and affordably priced espresso maker.

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