Best Choice Twin Tub Washing Machine, SKY2767 Review

Best Choice Twin Tub Washing Machine, SKY2767

BestChoice Twin Tub Washing Machine

Best Choice Products SKY2767 is a compact twin tub washing machine with spinner. It is made of solid and durable plastic, has a contemporary design and looks good in white and blue.

It weighs 23.9 pounds and measures 23 x 13.5 x 26 inches. The washer section is 12L x 13W x 14H inches and the spinner is 7 (diameter) x 9 (depth) inches. With the 110 Volts of voltage it is suitable for use in the US and Canada. It is one of the best selling portable compact washing machines at since its first release date of September 2016.

You can use it in small flat bathrooms, dorm rooms, camping trips, RVs or anywhere there is not a lot of space. Best Choice Washing Machine has a robust plastic body on both the washer and spinner sections. 1300rpm speed motor (110Volts, 60Hz max frequency) is quite powerful for a compact and portable unit but runs quietly unless it is out of balance.

It can handle up to a total of 13 pounds of your laundry at once, 8 pounds in the washer and 5 pounds in the spinner. The washer can be set to run for up to 15 minutes and the spinner will run for up to 5 minutes at each load. It comes with an inlet for adding water and an attached hose for draining water. Or you can alternatively add water directly into the washer tub by using a bucket, a hose or the shower head.

As a UL certified small appliance it is perfectly safe to use. There is no assembly required for this washing machine as you can simply plug it and start using it straight away after filling it with water and adding the detergent. You can move your washed clothes straight into the BestChoice Twin Tub Washing Machine Display Panelspinner and run both the washer and spinner simultaneously and finish your laundry quicker than normal. The red label underneath tells you to drain your washing before spinning it.

Your dirty clothes will be properly washed, rinsed and spun. You can’t have too many items in the 8 lb. capacity washer, probably just two to three pairs of jeans and a few socks or other small items. And you can have one or two jeans in the spinner section. Having too many items can shorten the life of the washer and spinner. It gets your clothes very clean though and will take shorter to dry them after the spinning cycle. It offers a great alternative to washing your clothes by hand or at the laundromat. It offers good value for the dollar!

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