Zenova Heavy-Duty Power Tower and Squat Rack Review

Zenova Heavy-Duty Power Tower and Squat Rack

Zenova Heavy-duty Power Tower

Zenova Heavy-Duty Power Tower and Squat Rack is a sturdy, safe and stable, heavy duty workout station with a U style base and anti-slip foot pads/sets, that measures 40.5 x 41 inches and that can support a lot of user weight.

As a multi-functional fitness power tower with the parallel bars and horizontal bar, you can do your leg push-ups, regular push ups, pull ups, forearm flexion and more. It has a comfortable and ergonomic design that is good for the human body, comes with the elbow pads and back cushion for protecting your spine during your exercise session.

The dumbbell stands and arm cushion are conveniently detachable and the station is adjustable for height, to be turned into a squat rack quickly and easily. So it is quite a functional and flexible fitness power station that gives you the options for working out your whole body. It is suitable for people of all ages at different fitness levels and for both women and men. You can strengthen and tone your abdominals, back, shoulders, chest, arms and legs at different angles.

Zenova Heavy-Duty is very sturdy, being made of oblate reinforced steel frame and has an easy step-up design. We like the flexibility it offers as a general power tower and a squat rack with the easily removable parts and the adjustable height. It feels safe and stable on its anti-skid foot supports and the large U frame for handling heavy weights. The total user weight capacity is specified as 550 pounds, which is roughly 220 pounds more than the Multi-function version.

The body weight exercises you can do on this Heavy-Duty model include the dips, pull ups, push ups, hammer pull ups, vertical knee raises, dip stands. The black and yellow Zenova Heavy-Duty Power Tower zenova heavy duty stationweighs 77.1 pounds, which is roughly 17 pounds more than the Classic model and measures 41L x 40.5W x 81.9H inches. The height of the power tower can be conveniently adjusted to 11 levels.

The assembly tools and the instructions are included with your purchase for you to put it up within one to two hours as long as you follow the instructions carefully. For the lower price level it offers decent value for the dollar: Beautiful modern design, sturdy and durable heavy-duty construction, functionality, versatility and more. You get a warranty of one year by Zenova, just like the other Zenova products and you can contact them in case of any problems or questions you may have.

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