WiLand Multifunctional Air Cooler Fan, Moving Desktop Cooling Fan Review

WiLand Multifunctional Air Cooler, Moving Desktop Fan 

WiLand Multifunctional Air Cooler Air Conditioner Fan

WiLand Multifunctional Air Cooler is an air con fan and a portable desktop cooling fan with the lights and timer for bedroom, home or office use. The average customer rating is 4 out of 5 stars by 24 reviewers at the time of this product review.

It is easy to operate with 8 different functions on the LED display panel. You can adjust the air cooler fan direction up and down or move automatically. It has the humidifier and rapid cooling options, thanks to its very efficient refrigeration system. It is convenient to own with its low price tag, is good for different occasions at home or work.

The WiLand Portable Air Cooler weighs 8.18 pounds and measures 17.2 x 9.2 x 8.9 inches, so it is rather compact and portable. The fan power is quite strong and will cool the room very quickly when you turn it on as you get in the house from work. You can use the 4-hour timer options (the one click timing) conveniently for it to operate automatically at and for a certain time period. It has the soft LED lights and quiet operation to not disturb your sleep in the room.

There is an integrated water circulation device for rapid cool breeze. The way the water function works is you add ice water into the water reservoir, the refrigeration system continues to cool the water down to below 10 degrees Celcius and you get your cool breeze at your desk.  It has the 90-watt power compressor (220V and 50Hz frequency). It comes with built-in security features, is safe to use and environmentally friendly.

The water curtain can be replaced easily by anyone, with the instructions on the Amazon product page. This water curtain has a long life and you do not need to replace it before getting damaged or worn out completely. It comes with the integrated WiLand Multifunctional Air Cooler Air Con Fananti-tipper and will shut itself off automatically when the tank is emptied. The way you use it is you remove the rubber stopper, add the ice water in, plug it in the power supply, turn the cooler on, choose your cooling mode and voila.

The functions on the menu are timer, cooling, shaking, normal temperature, water cycle on and off. The cooler can rotate 90 degrees for your comfort during your sleep. It is easy to handle and move around thanks to its portable design. You can also use it without (cold) water if you just need the fan. As you have the convenient timer option you don’t need to get up in the middle of the night to turn it off. Overall it is a good quality product with user friendly features and most importantly cooling power, at a reasonable price.

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