Bestek Compact Refrigerator and Freezer Review

Bestek Compact Fridge and Freezer

BESTEK Compact Refrigerator Energy Star Single Door 1.6 cu ft.

Bestek Compact Fridge with the wood grain finish is a 1.6 cubic feet capacity Energy Star rated and UL listed compressor type single door unit with a very small freezer. It is a free-standing and versatile mini refrigerator that is suitable for use in small apartments, offices, man caves, home theatres, minibars, hotels, boats, cabins, RVs and college dorms.

You can use it in bedrooms and nurseries as it runs very quietly. And you can barely hear anything thanks to the whisper-quiet compressor that cycles fairly silently. This is a manual defrost fridge that comes with an adjustable mechanical thermostat for a full range control that lets you change the interior temperature between 32 and 35.6 degrees Fahrenheit accurately.

It is a good quality product that is built sturdy and has a beautiful streamlined design and appearance with a unique wood grain finish. It will fit in with any room decor, adding a peaceful and harmonious touch. The door is reversible and you can set it to open from the left or right easily. It includes four adjustable legs that will let you keep the fridge stable on uneven surfaces.

It is friendly to the environment, safe to use (UL listing) and consumes less energy than normal thanks to the Energy Star rating. The energy cost is estimated to be 25 dollars per year with an estimated annual electricity use of 207 kWh, based on that US average of 12 cents per kWh. But how much it willBESTEK Compact Refrigerator Energy Star Single Door cost will depend on the rates in your area and how you use the fridge- what temperature level you set it to etc.

Bestek Compact Fridge weighs 37.5 pounds and measures 19.4 x 18.6 x 17.8 inches- is compact in size and will save you on space. It is a bit small for office kitchens but you can put one under your desk for your own personal use- snacks, fruits, dairy and cold drinks.

With the efficient compressor that runs efficiently, it cools quickly with all your drinks and snacks chilled evenly. You’ll find a door basket for two-litre bottles and a glass slide-out shelf that lets you customize the interior and that you can remove for putting in larger items. The tiny freezer also works like a proper freezer and with a thick seal, it stays cold inside both the fridge and the freezer. This fridge is offered with an 18-month warranty by the manufacturer and friendly customer service for the life of the product. You will get your money back within 30 days if you’re not happy for whatever reason.

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