Igloo FR326 Erase Board Refrigerator, 3.2 cu. ft. Review

Igloo FR326 Erase Board Fridge with Neon Markers

Igloo FR326-White Erase Board Refrigerator with Neon Markers

Igloo FR326-White is a 3.2 cubic feet capacity erase board type fridge that comes with neon markers. It is a highly popular mini refrigerator on Amazon.com with a total of 370 customer reviews on the day of this page release. You can purchase it in either black or white with the latter with a roughly 25 dollars higher price tag.

You don’t need to put stickers on the fridge and can simply write and erase notes, lists and stuff on the magnetic fridge door with the neon markers provided. The door is reversible and you can set it up to open from the left or right. There is a small freezer and the two shelves are adjustable so you can fit in taller, larger, smaller or shorter items. So if you want to put something like a gallon of milk on the shelf you just need to move a shelf down or remove one of them.

You can fit in four average regular sized frozen microwave meals in the freezer. The bottle storage capacity inside the door is 2 litres so you can put in your water, soda or beer bottles as well as some small food items. This is a 120-watt power (AC115V~60HZ) compressor type fridge that doesn’t make much noise. You’ll only hear a faint humming or buzz that won’t disturb your conversation or sleep if you’re sleeping in the same room.

Igloo Fridge comes with an adjustable thermostat right next to the little freezer and you’ll see a dial knob for adjusting the temperature. You can adjust the freezer temperature as well and the overall temperature level will range from a little cool to freezing temp. It is quite heavy for its size and measures 18.50 x 17.50 x 32.50 inches as assembled. It is a good quality fridge with plenty of storage space despite its exterior size. You won’t be writing notes with a chalk and it comes with a dry eraser.

Igloo FR326-White Erase Board Refrigerator

You’ll get two neon markers with this erase board fridge and the colours are pink and green. The area just below the freezer is colder than the lower parts or the door. So pay attention to that when you’re organizing your foods and drinks. But if you stack items or place the bottles and cans right you can fit in quite a lot in the little fridge.

The freezer is not like a regular freezer though and we recommend that you don’t put large chunks of meat or ice cream as they won’t be completely frozen and they may get spoiled. It is easy to clean as you can remove the shelves, freezer lid and door attachments easily but be careful with the freezer door as it sits on plastic hinges. As a UL certified product, it meets the nationally recognized security standards by Underwriters Laboratories- UL which is a global leader in product security testing and certification. The annual electricity consumption is specified as 219 kWh, which is not too bad considering the efficiency of cooling. Some of the customers had it for more than two years and they report it to still run very well.

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