Borlebbi 200W Electric Meat & Food Slicer with 2 x 7.5″ Stainless Steel Blades Review

Borlebbi 200W Electric Meat and Food Slicer

borlebbi meat food slicer 200W

Borlebbi 200W Electric Meat and Food Slicer comes with a stainless steel body and tray and two detachable 7.5-inch stainless steel blades with the adjustable thickness and child lock security. It is designed to make your life easier in the kitchen.

You can use this compact professional unit for slicing different foods and ingredients including meat, bread, cheese, roast bread, fruits, veggies and deli. The thickness can be adjusted from paper thin to 0.6 inches (5mm, 10mm, 15mm) with the thickness control knob and you can slice with great precision and efficiency. You can plug this 200W meat slicer (120V, 50/60Hz) into any regular US power outlet.

Borlebbi 200W Food Slicer comes with a stainless steel tray that can match the slicer to hold the slices after cutting. And the two sharp 304 stainless steel blades are serrated and non-serrated which are great for different types of foods. It is very easy to clean without problems as the parts (food carriage, slide-rod extension, the blades and the food pusher) are easily removable. The detachable ring-guard cover stops the debris from accumulating on the cutting surfaces.

Borlebbi Slicer weighs 10.93 pounds and measures 14.17 x 9.64 x 12.2 inches It is compact in size and can fit in almost all countertops and cabinets and stays put on the countertop or tabletop. It comes with a good quality ABS plastic food pusher to keep your fingers safe as it also works as a blade guard. You also have the Power button for turning it on and off. and feels stable during the operation thanks to the anti-slip suction cup feet underneath. It is veryborlebbi meat food slicer 200W 7.5-inch Blades robust and durable, being made of die-cast aluminum that gives it a premium look and feel, makes it rust-proof and easy to clean.

You can prepare your lunch and gourmet meals easily. The serrated blade is the hard stuff like frozen ham and meats and the non-serrated blade is for bread, fruits and veggies. You can remove the food pusher, blade and the sliding plate with the detachable button. Anything that comes in contact with foods needs to be cleaned properly, especially with the meats. With the recessed power button there won’t be any switching on and off by accident and this will help with the safety of you and people around you. Borlebbi 200W Meat Slicer has become available on February 20, 2021 and is currently in top 20 electric knives and slicers on Amazon.

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