Bosch SHV863WB3N 24″ 300 Series Dishwasher with 3rd Rack Review

Bosch SHV863WB3N 24″ 300 Series Dishwasher

Bosch SHV863WB3N 24 300 Series Dishwasher with 3rd Rack

Bosch SHV863WB3N is a 24″ 300 Series Dishwasher with a fully integrated design, a third rack, tall stainless steel tub, 5 wash cycles and 5 options, 16 place settings, 44 decibel noise level, and Speed60 option for an hour’s wash and more. It has the Energy Star rating and consumes less power than normal- roughly 269 kwh per year.

Bosch 300 Series Dishwasher weighs 91 pounds and measures 23.56W x 33.87H x 23.06D inches with a 66 7/8-inch long power cord. With a 44 dBA sound level it is promoted as the quietest brand of dishwasher out there. The third rack is good as a 30% extra loading capacity. You’ll know the dishwasher is on with the infolight beams. There are up to 9 possible rack positions along with 3 height adjustments with the RackMatic on the upper rack.

The AquaStop Leak Protection is active constantly, 24 hours and 7 days a week. It has a full size stainless steel tub that is installed perfectly flush. The LED display panel shows you the remaining time. You can divide the flexible silverware basket into two pieces and put it anywhere you want. There is a detergent tray that optimizes the dissolving of the detergent. The Speed60 option will wash and dry your dishes nicely and will get them from dirty to dry in 60 minutes. The Extra Dry option is also available to offer you better drying results.

Bacteria are eliminated with the Sanitize option and the drying results are improved. The temperature and the washing pressure are increased in the whole lower rack with the ExtraScrub option. You can use this one for the stains that are tough to get rid of. FlexSpace™ Tines fold back for your bigger pans and pots to fit in comfortably. The 5 washing programs on this dishwasher are Pots and Pans (110-135mins), Auto (105-129mins), Normal (130-135mins), 1 Hour (60mins), and Rinse (9mins). And the cycle options are Half Load, Extra dry, Intensive Zone and Sanitation.

Bosch SHV863WB3N 24 300 Series Dishwasher

It has the built-in security features like the glass protection, surge-back protection and the Aqua Stop leak protection. The dishwasher has the 1300-watt power and the 120V of voltage (and 12A current) it is suitable for use in the United States. The taller items like the stemware will fit in the center rack and you will have space for pans and pots in the bottom section. The wash temperature is automatically adjusted with the load size sensor.

With the Bosch PrecisionWash the dishwashing progress is checked constantly by the smart sensors. And the precision spray arms will get into each item in all the loads. This is a superior quality dishwasher with great features that deserves its price tag. It is great in terms of range of programs, operation noise level, the results of cleaning and drying, user friendliness and loading comfort. It will clean your dishes very well and we have no doubt you will be satisfied. You’ll get a warranty of 5 years for labor and parts.

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