Breville The Smart Grinder Pro BCG820-BKSXL Espresso Coffee Bean Grinder Review

Breville The Smart Grinder Pro BCG820 BKSXL 

Breville The Smart Grinder Pro BCG820BKSXL Espresso Coffee Bean Grinder

Breville The Smart Grinder Pro BCG820BKSXL is currently one of the most popular conical burr type espresso coffee bean grinders in the “slightly above entry level” price range at This specific model is in sesame black and you can get it in silver- brushed stainless steel (BCG820BSSXL) and cranberry red (BCG820CRNXL).

The first good thing about the Smart Grinder Pro is you don’t have to grind it into a specific container, but into a paper filter, gold tone filter basket, or into a porta-filter. The large light blue LCD-backlit display shows you the grind setting from finer to coarser, time and the number of cups you chose. With the smart presets you’ll achieve great results consistently, whether you want the beans ground coarse or fine.

You have a total of 60 intuitive grind settings that are not found in cheaper coffee grinders. And you can have the perfect cup of Turkish coffee, French press- plunger or espresso. You can adjust the time in 0.2 sec increments with the dosing IQ and the precision digital time. And this way you’re in more control of the aroma of your coffee. You get the maximum out of your coffee brew with the conical burr structure. If you are an espresso afficianado who doesn’t have the budget for the semi-pro grinders, this one may be worth considering.

We like the modern design in stainless steel, that is easy to operate with the display panel as well, sturdy and durable construction, consistency in grinding and the reasonable price. There are a few models at this price level and it may be a little difficult to choose especially when you can not go above a certain limit. The price tag is not very high, it is only a little higher than the entry level burr grinders but you can be certain of good results consistently, especially with the medium to ultra fine grinds for Turkish coffee.

Coarse grinds for French press can be a little less consistent than the fine grinds. But we really don’t think you should be using too coarse for the French press. It runs very quietly for such an efficient electric burr grinder. It comes with the 400m Breville The Smart Grinder Pro BCG820 Espresso Coffee Grinderstainless steel conical burrs for a great consistency of grind for different types of coffee and espresso. These high quality stainless steel burrs last longer than plastic and ceramic. The grinder has some plastic parts but the main case is stainless steel. The Smart Grinder Pro is heavy overall and stays stable when you’re grinding coffee beans.

And it weighs 6.4 pounds and measures 6.25W x 8.5D x 15.25H inches. Being a big size grinder it can grind up to a pound of coffee in one go, which works for when you’re going to make heaps of coffee. Seeing the quantities on the LED display than turning a dial might be easier for some people. You’ll see a number in front of you for the grind size rather than the labeled size. But it shouldn’t take much time to get used to. It is quite easy to clean thanks to its magnetic grounds tray. And you won’t try and brush the coffee pieces sticking to the corners.

You’ll lose a bit of consistency as you get to the coarser levels towards 50 or 60. This is the case in all grinders below a certain price point. The 60 levels as compared to the 25 of the previous model offers you more precise grinding. It offers convenient hands-free operation for portafilters as it includes a 50-54mm and a 58mm portafilter cradle. You’ll find a convenient activation switch below the chute where you can press the portafilter for the grinding to start. Whenever you need to stop or pause to adjust the settings, you just press the Start/Pause/Cancel button for stopping the process and resettling your grounds. It uses the time based grinding to work out the coffee needed during the grinding.

And with the 0.2 second increments you have total control of the process. You can program the number of cups for grinding and also set it to use the existing settings next time you make coffee. Both the Smart Grinder and this Pro model are great coffee grinders for those that are serious about their espresso. Baratza Encore we reviewed previously is a competitor and a great option for a no-frills espresso brewing. But this one does a great job too and offers more function on the display panel. Breville is one of the largest companies with a very well known and popular brand in coffee machines and grinders. They have been around for a while and they will be around in the future to look after any issues you may have. You’ll get the help you need from the Breville customer support team when you have problems, questions or need parts replaced.

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