Colzer 15-inch 30-Bottle Compact Wine Cooler, YC-100A Review

Colzer 15-inch 30-Bottle Wine Cooler, YC-100A 

Colzer 15 Inch Wine Cooler, 30-Bottle Fridge

Colzer YC-100A is a 15-inch compact, economic and stylish wine cooler chiller with a 30-bottle capacity and a modern standalone design for home, office, bar and clubs. It can also be used as a built-in under the counter wine fridge because of the front ventilation. The average rating is 4.7 out of 5 stars by 20 people that purchased the product.

The temperature can be adjusted between 41 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit (wide temperature range) and has the accurate automatic humidity control. So your white, red, rose or sparkling wines will have that ideal environment for short and long-term storage. They will age gracefully or you can serve them whenever you want. Colzer YC-100A has a modern design with a premium look and feel, weighs 79.4 pounds and measures 15 x 23 x 33.5 inches with a 3.5 cubic feet capacity.

The single piece seamless door frame is great with the lovely pole handle and the stainless steel trim. It looks quite nice and luxurious overall. It is nice being able to use it both as a freestanding and built-in wine cooling unit. The 30-bottle capaciy is for the standard 750ml Bordeaux bottles on the solid beech shelves with grooves that slide out easily. The gap between these shelves are 3.5″+ and they are conveniently removable for you to fit in different shaped or larger bottles. There will be no shaking when you move them, slide in or out.

The Colzer 15″ Cooler has a modern compressor that works efficiently and quietly without making any noise or vibrations. And the excess impurities and acidity will be avoided and there won’t be any artificial acceleration of aging. It has a double-pane tempered glass door with an anti-ultraviolet design to keep the UV lights away from your bottles and to protect them from potential damage or premature oxidation. There is a single-touch digital control panel with the temperature up and down and light buttons as well as the temperature display.

When you experience a power outage the last temperature is restored automatically and any damage by the changes in temperature is avoided. There is a soft blue LED light inside that you can turn on or off through the control panel. It lets you see your bottles clearly to pick one without opening the door and letting the cool air escape Colzer 15 Inch Wine Cooler, 30-Bottle Shelvesand shows them off nicely. The general noise level is specified as 40 decibels for the 81W power upgraded compressor (115V, 60Hz) and uses 0.35 kilowatts of energy per hour. This is roughly 30% savings on your electricity bills.

The interior temperature is kept stable consistently. The 30-bottle capacity is real capacity on its six shelves. The lock at the bottom front comes with two keys and ensures security from your kids in the house or to deter theft. You need to hold the lock button for 3 seconds to unlock the control panel and then you can turn on the light. The controls lock automatically in half a minute and you need to do the same to turn off the light. But you can certainly leave the light on as it doesn’t get warmer inside. Please note that the door is not reversible and opens only from the left at a wide angle. It comes with an impressive warranty of 3 years by the manufacturer if you have any issues.

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