Comfty Home/Office Height Adjustable Desk, CFTYAT10 and CFTYAT30 Review

Comfty Home/Office Height Adjustable Desk

Comfty Home:Office Height Adjustable Table

Comfty Height Adjustable Tables are designed for home and office use and can be adjusted between 28.7” and 48.4” or 29.5” and 49.2” (version with the drawer). You may purchase these rectangular shaped adjustable desks with wood top material in beige, black, brown or mahogany/black (the drawer one in only black) with the same price tag at the time of this review. June 4, 2021 was the date these desks were first available at 

The one without drawer weighs 60.28 pounds and measures 23.6D x 47.2W x 28.7H inches with a total weight capacity of 132 pounds and the one with drawer weighs 81.18 pounds with 23.6D x 47.6W x 29.5H inches with a total capacity of 99 pounds. You need to assemble this desk after taking it out of the box but you’ll find the instructions (including a video on Amazon product page) and simple tools included. It would make a nice addition to any space at home or in the office. You have a tabletop that measures 48 x 24 inches that is enough for a laptop, keyboard, monitor and other office items. 

You can convert it from sitting to standing position and adjust it easily to your standing height for a nice office or working environment. The adjustable desk has a single motor for adjusting the height with the easy 2-button operation. You’ll find the two integrated openings at the back of the tabletop of this height adjustable computer desk for hiding the wires and cables to keep clutter off and proper cable management. The one without drawer has a 0.63-inch thick chipboard with a melamine surface (0.7” thick melamine tabletop on the one with drawer) that is resistant to stains and easy to clean by just wiping with a damp cloth.  

The motor on these desks are very quiet and will not disturb you or your colleagues if you’re in the office. The desk is adjusted smoothly and quietly at an inch per second with a noise of just 55 decibels. And you can adjust between 28.7 and 48.4 inches in about 20 seconds. It is nice to have both the sitting and standing options and you can go from sitting to standing whenever you want during your workday. This is claimed to offer different benefitsComfty Home-Office Height Adjustable Table with Drawer including burning about 12% more calories, lowering the heart disease risk, enhancing mood and mental focus, reducing depression and distress, increasing energy and productivity, promoting healthy muscle and joint movements. 

It will help restrict the time you normally spend sitting for hours all day long and alternate the postures, which will help with enhancing posture, decreasing back and neck pain, wrist and arm strain or pain while making you feel more comfortable. These electric computer desks have the solid and durable iron frame with a power coated finish for longer use and also with a scuff and scratch resistant surface. You can convert between sitting and standing with a single touch of a button- Up/Down control and adjust your desk.  It is a sturdy and durable, sleek and modern table that seems to be well worth the money. We’re more than happy to recommend this sturdy and durable adjustable desk with plenty of room.

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