COSTWAY 13lb 1500W Compact Laundry Tumble Dryer, 23047-EPCY Review

COSTWAY 13lb. 1500W Tumble Dryer, 23047-EPCY

COSTWAY 13LBS Compact Laundry Tumble Dryer

White COSTWAY 23047-EPCY is a 13 lb. capacity compact, portable, stable, versatile, front loading laundry/clothes tumble dryer with a 1500-watt drying power, 3.2 cubic feet volume and an easy to use control panel. You can use this 13 lb. clothes capacity dryer in different settings, including RVs, dorms, flats or houses.

There are a total of 7 auto drying modes, of Extra, Standard, Mix, Airing, 30min, 60min and 2.5 hours. You can choose from one of these 7 options according to the weight and material of your clothes, either choose a mode or set the time. It has an innovative design and plenty of drying power and performance that lets this unit dry quicker than the other models on the market. The maximum temperature it can get to is 172 degrees Fahrenheit thanks to the 1500W power (110V, 60Hz) and you’ll get to dry your clothes much faster.

CostWay Tumble Dryer runs fairly quietly with its noise-free tumbling structure and has a high-end air intake filter that can be accessed and cleaned easily for more efficient operation. The air inlet filter helps block the floating things in the air from polluting your clothes and the air outlet filter blocks the cotton floss generated during drying to prevent them from polluting the indoor air. It turns itself off automatically to help you save on your energy bills, with the auto shut-off function. There won’t be any excess noise and you can sleep or attend your tasks in the house while it is drying your clothes.

CostWay 23047-EPCY weighs 57 pounds with the dimensions of 23L x 19W x 26H inches and you can fit it easily in small bathrooms or kitchens. With its sleek and modern design it will look nice in any bathroom or home decor. You can wipe clean the exterior easily with a damp sofa cloth. You can put it on an even ground, mount it on the rack or on a wall if you have limited floor space. It has a robust and COSTWAY 13LBS Compact Laundry Tumble Dryer Functionsdurable construction with a stainless steel tub and you can expect a long life from it. It has a premium look and feel with a great quality stainless steel tub with a smooth exterior that won’t get any scratches or nicks.

There is also the built-in viewing window and you can watch/monitor your clothes as they dry. It comes with an anti-wrinkle function to help decrease the wrinkling on your clothes. Extra mode is for jeans, bed sheets, cotton weaving clothes for 170 mins. Standard mode is for jeans and cotton clothes for 140 mins. Mix mode is for synthetic and cotton clothes for 110 mins. Airing mode is for silk, polyester and fiber for 90 mins. 2.5 hrs is for cotton stuff for 150mins. 60 min is offered as a quick-dry option and 30 min is for your warm clothes. In the box you will find the CostWay Tumble Dryer and a user manual. If you’re fed up with air drying your clothes or if you don’t have much space to hang your clothes and you don’t want a full size dryer this compact unit can be ideal for you.

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