ECOTOUCH 30″ 4 Burner Built in Radiant Electric Smoothtop Cooktop, CRAH774B Review

ECOTOUCH 30″ 4 Burner Built-in Radiant Smooth Cooktop, CRAH774B 

ECOTOUCH CRAH774B 30 4 Burner Built in Radiant

ECOTOUCH CRAH774B is a brand new, late 2019 release 30-inch size built in, smooth, radiant element electric cooktop or stove top with a modern design and user friendly features. Amazon product support is included with your purchase free of charge.

This is a powerful stove top with 4 burners with a total power output of 6800 watts (240V, 28amp). These are dual 1200W/2400W, dual 1100W/2000W, 1200W and 1200W = 6800W. So as you can tell from the product photos two of these burners are expandable to reach 2400 watts (rear burner) and 2000 watts (front burner) of power output. They heat up very quickly without needing to wait for the warming up. This is achieved by the Euro heating elements.

ECOTOUCH CRAH774B weighs 23.2 pounds and measures 30.3 x 20.5 x 2.4 inches, has a space saving design for your kitchen countertop. The 30” size is standard for the American kitchens. It is very easy on the eyes with its sleek and modern built-in smooth cooktop design. It is also much easier to wipe clean than the models with knobs. You’ll simply be moving your finger on the 1 to 9 levels that you see on the touch display. And this way you will get precise cooking power with the time settings (1-99min timer). This is much easier than adjusting things step by step like on other models. You have the Pause/Continue feature on the control panel which will come in handy in some cases.

It is just very easy to set the power level and time, let it do the work while you attend your other tasks in the house. You can boil, simmer, sear, deep fry, slow cook, grill, steam or use any method you want as it will meet all your cooking needs. It is very safe to use with a few built-in security features like the Hot Surface Indicator, Over-heating Protection, Auto-Shutoff and Child Lock. You’ll find a 4.9 feet long (1.5m) premium conduit power cord fixed into the unit. Please check your available area on your countertop and the measurements of the EcoTouch Radiant Cooktop, which are 30.31W x 20.47D x 2.36H inches and 29.13W x 19.29D inches as cut out.

It is made of vitro ceramic glass and metal, and comes with the screws, 4.9 feet power cord and an instruction guide. Pressing the Lock button during the cooking will help you avoid pressing any other buttons by accident. The way you do it is you press the Child Lock for 3 seconds till you see the “Lo” to lock the cooktop and do the same to deactivate it. Unlike with the induction cooktops you can use all kinds of cookwares on the radiant electric EcoTouch burners. It is very easy to wipe clean the vitro ceramic glass surface with soap water and a damp cloth. You should clean the cooktop ECOTOUCH CRAH774B 30 4 Burner Built in Radiant Electric Smoothtop Cooktopwhen the burners cool down completely. There is no size limitation for the pans you use, but it is best you don’t use one with a diameter more than 2cm (0.8”) larger than the burners as the even heating will be affected.

If you install it over the oven you need about 5cm (2 inches) between the oven top and the cooktop bottom for the heat radiation. The electric cooktop will work just fine with two, three or all burners at full power. ECOTOUCH Appliances has been in the home appliances industry for about two decades and offer efficient, modern, attractive, user-friendly and reliable products with innovative design and top level craftsmanship. It holds the ETL and UL certifications, having gone through strict testing and inspection during the manufacturing process. It is shipped in decent packaging to prevent potential damages during the transport and is very easy to install as long as you have the basic DIY skills. It comes with one year of full warranty and you can contact the customer service team on It is not expensive at all for what you’re getting and definitely good value for the dollar.

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