Tavata 3.2 Cu. Ft. Compact Double Door Fridge, TBCD-90 Review

Tavata 3.2 Cu. Ft. Compact Double Door Fridge

Tavata 3.2 Cu Compact Refrigerator Double Door

Tavata TBCD-90 is a 3.2 cubic feet capacity double door compact fridge with a separate freezer and small beverage chiller for office, home, dorm or RV use. The average customer rating is 4.9 out of 5 stars by 19 customers as of the date of this product review.

It is offered in four different color options of black, red, silver and white. With a total capacity of 3.2 cu. ft, it is more spacious inside with more ample storage than a regular mini fridge. The bottom fridge section is 2.34 cubic feet for your fruits, veggies, snacks and drinks and the 0.96 cubic feet can have your frozen items like ice cream, frozen veggies and meat. Your foods, especially the fruits and veggies will stay fresh for much longer.

The lower refrigerator section temperature can be adjusted between 32 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit through the interior mechanical thermostat dial. You have 7 positions on the dial from 1 to 7 with 7 being the coldest. And the top freezer has a constant temperature of 3 degrees. Tavata TBCD-90 weighs 50.7 pounds and measures 19.3 x 17.5 x 31.5 inches, more like as tall as the standard kitchen countertops. It will take up little space in your kitchen, dorm room, office kitchen or wherever you put it. And you can use the top of the fridge for putting a variety of your items.

It has the lovely retro-style chrome handles that remind us of the 1950s. The compressor power is 150 watts (115V) and works efficiently and quietly without disturbing your sleep if it is in your bedroom. The only noise you will hear is the light humming during the cycles of the compressor. An ice cube tray and an ice shovel are included as bonus accessories. It has the adjustable front feet underneath for keeping it level to the floor, to make the fridge more stable and prevent it from making additional noise during the cycles.

It has the two removable glass shelves that can be adjusted for height when you want to fit in larger items. You have plenty of storage on the door for your beverage cans and bottles and other small items. The fruits and veggies can be placed in the drawer at the bottom to Tavata 3.2 Cu Compact Refrigerator Double Door TBCD-90separate them from your other items. This is not a frost-free model but need to be defrosted manually every 6 months or so. It will generally not be a problem due to the small size of the fridge freezer.

A couple of customers commented on the customer service being very good and responsive. It holds the ETL certification and HIPS Energy saving and complies with the North American safety standards. The warranty offered is one year by the manufacturer and also comes with a 30-day return guarantee if you’re not happy with the product performance or there is something wrong with it. They offer the technical and other customer support throughout the life of the product.

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