COSTWAY Car Travel Portable 2-Door 105 Quart Compressor Freezer, 23826-CYPE-1 Review

COSTWAY Car Travel 2-Door 105-Qt Freezer, 23826-CYPE-1

COSTWAY Car Travel Freezer, 105 Quart Compact

Gray and black COSTWAY 23826-CYPE-1 is a 105-quart capacity double door portable car travel freezer and mini fridge for use at home, car, travel, camping, picnic outdoor or wherever you may need it. There are 4 other sizes available, 16-qt (23827-CYPE), 44-qt (23822-CYXY), 54-qt (23499-CYPE-C), and 84-qt (23825-CYPE).

The average user rating is 4.3 out of 5 stars by 40 users for these travel chest freezer and fridges. The 105-quart multi-use model includes two convenient temperature zones with different temperature zones and deep freezing performance. The 105 quarts is equal to roughly 100 liters and can hold quite a few drinks and foods. You can have the larger section as a freezer and the small one as a fridge. There is a conveniently detachable wire basket that you can use to for putting your different items in.

It runs fairly quietly at a noise level of less than 45 decibels when it is running. You’ll find two solid metal handles on both sides of the freezer fridge for easier portability. It is ideal for camping, commuting, traveling, personal spaces and more. Temperatures between -0.4°F and 50°F are achieved quickly with an efficient 85-watt R134a compressor. If you choose the Maximum mode it will be fast cooling and the Minimum mode is for energy-saving. The rated capacity is 144Ah or 518Wh and the output current is 10 amperes.

There are three levels of battery protection options, Low, Medium and High for your different needs and good for car or other vehicle. This is an AC/DC power cooler and you can either use the US standard 110V power outlet or a 12V/24V source (auto battery). You have a large blue-backlit LCD display panel on the right bottom of the freezer with the digital temp adjustment COSTWAY Car Travel Freezer, 105 Quart Compact Chest Freezerbuttons for both sections. You have the LED lights in both zones and you can access your items in the dark or dim light. It has an innovative versatile design and a premium look and feel. The 105-qt model measures 35L x 20W x 23H inches.

By versatile we mainly mean the temperature adjustment options that let you use the larger right or smaller left sides as either fridge or freezer and that you can take it wherever you go. The temperatures in both sections are independent from each other. In the package you will find the fridge, an AC adapter, a DC power cord and a user manual. Please note that you can’t use this cooling unit vertically, but only in the way it was set up. Or you will damage the compressor when it starts. It is a very efficient freezer fridge unit with a sturdy construction, that cools quickly and runs quietly and offers good value for the dollar overall.

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