Teami Mini 10-Liter Skincare Fridge Review

Teami Mini 10-Liter Skincare Fridge 

Teami Skincare Fridge

Teami Mini Skincare Fridge is a compact and portable thermoelectric unit with a 10-liter capacity for storing your toners, mists, moisturizers, liquid makeup products, oils, beauty serums, sheet masks, sunscreen, lip and eye pencils, facial rollers, natural organic products and anything that contains vitamin C as well as storage bottle and cans.

Many people have been putting their skincare products in the regular fridges for a long time now. Because a lot of skin care products are better off being chilled. And this is great if you don’t want your beauty products next to your fruits and veggies. The fridge will cool and keep your products at 35 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit all day long when the room temperature is 70-75 degrees on average. You will be extending the shelf life of these beauty products up to 40% and especially the natural organic ones will benefit from this.

It is a good quality fridge that will not stop working after a few months like some of the cheap and low quality coolers on the market. The design is unique, looks very cute with its sleek and modern design. You’ll get special stickers in the box that you can use to decorate the front and the sides of this great little fridge. Glass front panel has a beautiful marble design and the words are in metallic silver. Teami Mini Fridge weighs just 7.9 pounds and measures 13.4H x 11.4D x 9.6W inches. It will compliment any room decor very nicely.

This is an environmentally friendly thermoelectric cooler with the AC/DC power. You have the little handles on both sides that make it easy to pick it up for relocation. You can use it wherever you want, in your bedroom, bathroom, vanity etc. The advantage of cooling your skincare products is it  reduces the puffiness and cools Teami Skincare Cooler 10 Literthe irritated skin. Your skin will feel refreshed and awake when you wake up in the morning. There is a door storage where you can put your facial sheet masks and other items. There are two removable shelves where you can place them at any level and can customize the interior space.

One of the customers commented on a leaking issue of this fridge, but it is basically the bottom serums having a gap where it drips because of the cold interior. With the AC/DC plugs it is good for both indoor and outdoor use. We like that it is compact and portable, sturdy and durable, ecologically friendly, fancy looking and uses very little power. Teami has its own plant based natural beauty products without any preservatives or dyes. This means they last shorter than the chemical based products- 1 to 2 years vs. 3 to 4 years and they probably need cooling more. The Teami Skincare Fridge is offered with a 100% money back guarantee and in case you’re not totally satisfied with the cooler they will help you find a solution to your problem and offer you a full refund if you want it.

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