Crownful 26lb. Ice Maker Machine, CF-IM01  Review

Crownful 26lb. Ice Maker, CF-IM01

crownful ice maker 26 lb.

Crownful CF-IM01 is a countertop style ice making machine with a daily 26 pounds of ice making capacity. It can make 9 bullet shaped ice cubes within 8 to 10 minutes and comes with a removable ice basket and a scoop. The average customer rating is 4.4 out of 5 star by 36 users at the moment.

It has a quiet and efficient compressor that doesn’t use up much electricity while cooling for making ice. It is easy on the eyes with a sleek and stylish design and compact enough to be set up on your kitchen counter or tabletop. You can use it both indoors and outdoors for when you’re entertaining guests. It is very easy to operate and start with a single intuitive button. You will be notified when it has run out of water, when the ice cubes are ready or when you need to clean the ice maker.

Crownful Ice Maker weighs 17.61 pounds and measures 14.6 x 14.2 x 10.7 inches and the ice storage capacity is 1.76 pounds. Please note that you need to stand this ice maker upright on a flat surface for up to 4 hours before turning it on, just like with any compressor type cooler. This way you’re letting the oils that may have leaked during the transport settle. You also shouldn’t tilt the ice maker more than 45 degrees when you’re using it or during the transport. If you do that please again stand it upright for two hours before plugging it back in. It is a good idea to read through the user guide prior to first use.

You’re probably aware this ice maker does not come with a built-in freezer and the ice will melt gradually. So you need to use the ice immediately or put it into your fridge freezer. As long as the ice maker stays on the ice cubes will be kept but when the power is off they will start melting. The water that you put in the water tank should be at a temperature between 8 and 28 degrees Celsius and the ambient temperature of between 10 and 32 degrees. If you won’t use the ice machine for a while please empty the reservoir and dry it before you store it away. The ice bucket can hold up to 80 bullet shaped ice cubes.

Crownful CF-IM01 26lb. Ice Maker Machine Instructions

Crownful Ice Maker is designed for use in the US and works with 120 Volts of voltage. You don’t need to use your old, bulky and noisy ice making machine when you can use this modern, compact and portable unit to keep your beverages chilled. The ice cubes it makes are large in size and measures 1.2 x 0.9 inches. It runs very quietly at a noise level of a laptop fan and you’ll only hear a bit more when it drops the ice cubes in the bucket.

Please clean the ice maker with vinegar and chuck the first 3 ice cube loads away. The taste of the ice cubes will depend on the quality of water you use. You need to switch it on one hour before you need the ice and you can fill it up every ten minutes or so. We like that it has a modern simplistic design, operates well and without making much noise or taking up much space. The warranty offered is 18 months by Crownful that also offers tech and customer support for the life of the product. You can also contact them in case you need to return the ice maker. Other ice making machines on the market are often not returnable.

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