Casart Giantex Easy Life 10lb. Compact Fully Automatic 1.34 cu.ft. Washing Machine Review

Casart Giantex Easy Life 10lb. Fully Automatic Washer

giantex casart washing machine

Casart Giantex 24403-EP is a 1.34 cubic feet top-loading type fully automatic washing machine with a stainless steel inner tub and a drain pump. It is compact and portable and has a 10-pound cloth washing and spinner capacity. You have 8 water levels and 10 different programs to choose from.

It is a very recent release washing machine without many reviews online. You may see a bit of water in the tub, because each machine is tested by water before going out on the market to see if it is functioning normally. You may contact their customer support whenever you want, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please note that this brand new washer spinner is not available for sale in California.

The timer can be set up to 15 minutes for the washing machine. You can do your light to medium loads of up to 10 pounds in the stainless steel tub. It is fully automatic and very easy to operate through the LED display. You just put your clothes in the tub, fill it with water, set the time and press Start. After your load of clothes is washed, they are spinned as well. You can see your washing through the transparent lid and monitor the progress.

It has the adjustable feet underneath to keep it even to the floor to prevent extra noise during the operation. Gray Casart 24403-EP weighs 51 pounds and measures 19 x 19 x 33.5 inches. It is totally compact and portable and you can use it in small apartments or bathrooms. It comes with an integrated drain pump and a drain pipe that let you casart washing machineto remove the dirty water automatically and easily. The cabinet is PP plastic, inner tub is stainless steel, and the motor is aluminium.

You can pause the washing machine if you hear any thumping sound because of any imbalance and just redistribute your clothes in the tub. The rated input power is 310 watts for the washer and 250 watts for the spin, along with 110V of voltage and 60Hz of frequency. The max water level is 1.6 cubic feet and min water level is 0.8 cubic feet. The inlet pressure is between 0.03MPa~0.85MPa. It has a 59.1″ long power cord so you probably need to be near a power outlet unless you use an extension cord. The inlet pipe is 39.4 inches long and the drain pipe is 78.8 inches long. 8 water levels are 23L, 26L, 29L,33L, 36L, 39L, 42L and 46L. It is good value for money overall.

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