Finer Form Upgraded Multi-Functional Bench for All-in-One Body Workout Review

Finer Form Upgraded Multi-Functional Bench

Finer Form Upgraded Multi-Functional Bench AIO Workout

Finer Form Upgraded Multi-Functional Bench is a commercial grade All-in-One workout equipment that can be used as a decline bench, flat bench, adjustable ab sit-up bench and Roman chair. Currently it has an average customer rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars by 130 users.

You can perform a variety of exercises on this multi-purpose bench, targeting your core section- abdominals, chest, back, biceps, triceps, hamstrings, glutes and more. These include sit ups, twisting sit-ups, dumbbell rows, dumbbell presses, back hyper extension, single arm rows, dumbbell flies, bench press, side bends, bicep curls and reverse crunch. As a gym-quality multi-purpose bench it has a heavy duty, high grade 15-gauge steel frame and powder coating that is scratch resistant.

You can use it for your tough exercise routines at home and you shouldn’t have any problems. But we do not recommend it being used at commercial gym settings. You have two decline and one flat bench settings, along with 8 thigh support cushions and 4 foot adjustments on this fully adjustable bench. The high density cushion measures 42.5 x 13 x 2 inches (one of the longest on the market) and offers great comfort and support for your abs and lower back. You can adjust it for height and body type easily and smoothly.

The triangular steel frame structure with the extra supporting tubes ensures greater stability for a total weight capacity of up to 660 pounds. There will be no shaking or wobbling when you’re performing different exercises. You can work on your oblique muscles and abdominals on the adjustable sit-up bench, do chest presses or dumbbell flies with the dumbbells on the flat bench, do your hams, lower back and abs on the decline bench and hyper extensions and side bends on the Roman chair. Your legs will also feel stable during your session as the footrests are welded to the bench frame.

Finer Form Upgraded Multi-Functional Bench weighs 36 pounds, has a real total weight capacity of 660 pounds and measures 55 x 20 x (27-34) inches. Shorter and taller people can use it comfortably as the bench is totally adjustable for height. You can also do your push-ups against the handles as they also feel sturdy and stable. It doesn’t have a foldable design and Finer Form Upgraded Multi-Functional Benchif you want it to be smaller for storage you need to disassemble it. If you don’t want to do that, you can still lower the pads and drop the back support.

Please note that the dumbbells that you see in the photo are not included. It is not shipped assembled and you can put the pieces together on your own within half an hour. The assembly instructions are not the best, but it is mostly common sense. You’ll find red plastic footrests in the box which you may or may not want to use. We don’t think they are necessary as they will probably move aside each time you move the bench. We are more than happy to recommend this bench for the high quality construction and features and the relatively low price as compared to the similar competitors.

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