Equator 4400 N Combination Washer Dryer with PBK 1070 Portability Kit Review

Equator 4400 N Washer Dryer w/ Portability Kit 

Equator 4400 N Combination Washer Dryer

Equator 4400 N is a 13 lb. capacity combination washer and dryer by Eco Appliances Inc. with a 1200rpm motor that comes with a portability kit (PBK 1070). It has appeared at Amazon.com very recently and there aren’t many customer reviews online. The Equator 4400 N + PBK 1070 Combo is the updated version of the company’s best seller Super Combo and won two design awards of Twice VIP and Tech Brilliance.

You can use this 2-in-1 compact washer and dryer in houses, apartment, condos or in any compact spaces. With the automatic heat and water level function, your clothes are weighed and the right amount of water and heat are chosen automatically each time you put your dirty clothes in. This way you will save on both electricity and water as there won’t be any wastage. You can program this high end washing machine to start 24 hours earlier with the Delay Start function, when you want to use low electricity rate timings etc.

It runs fairly quietly at a noise level of less than 60 decibels in the Quiet Mode. This means you can run it at night when you’re sleeping or during the day when your baby is asleep, on campgrounds or wherever silence is appreciated. It has the Winterize function for RV Usage among others. The powerful 1200rpm motor will dry your washed clothes very quickly and the smart features like the Sensor Dry and Auto Water Level will make your life easier. You can select the venting or condensing mode on this and the Super Combo models and this gives you the great flexibility to do your washing whenever and wherever you wish.

Equator 4400 N Combination Washer Dryer with Portability Kit

There are three Dry options of 60-minute Time Dry, Sensor Dry and Refresh.With the 14 wash and dry programs you can select you have different choices of washing and/or drying and your clothes will be protected. The portability kit (PBK 1070) consists of a Y connector, 4 casters and a faucet adapter kit and turns your machine into a portable washer dryer. By just a press of a button you can change the drying mode between venting and ventless.

Equator 4400 N weighs 161 pounds and measures 22 x 23.5 x 35 inches- is compact on the outside and has a large 13-pound capacity inside. The control panel is easy to read and operate with just a 2-step operation. If you have the budget for a high-end washer dryer combo this one may well be worth considering. You’ll very likely to be happy with it with your clothes coming out totally clean, dry and fine without any bad odors. The warranty offered is one year by the manufacturer- Eco Appliances Inc. and you can message the seller through your Amazon order page or the contact details provided on the user manual.

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