ET-LIXIN Folding Portable Mini Washing Machine Review

ET-LIXIN Folding Portable Mini Washer

ET-LIXIN Portable Folding Washing Machine

ET-LIXIN Folding Washing Machine is a compact and portable, energy efficient mini washer for use in student apartments, RVs, outdoors, or camping with the 9V DC voltage and 10-watt power for washing your small items like underwear, baby clothes, soft toys, bras, reusable face masks and socks. 

It is a low priced top loading style mini washer with a 4.5 litre capacity, that seems to do the job well. The average user rating is 5 out of 5 stars by 3 customers at the time of this post release. November 27, 2021 is the date it was first available at and is currently ranked the 50th best selling portable clothes washing machine. It is made in China like most appliances these days due to production efficiency and low labor costs and is certainly a good quality mini washing machine. 

Green Et-Lixin 003 Mini Washing Machine weighs only 3.1 pounds and has the dimensions of 11L x 11W x 9.5H inches and folds down to just 4.5 inches of height. It is made of solid ABS plastic and has the top door hinge. Please note that it is a low powered mini washer just for your small items and will not replace your large washing machine at home and you can not wash sweaters, jeans, coats etc. There is no draining function and you need to drain it manually and there is no spin drying function. 

This mini washer is friendly to the environment- will save you on both electricity and water as you’ll need to use just small amounts. With a gentle hand-free washing that gives you a bit of control, the fabric of your clothes are protected just like washing by hand. You can wash your socks, underwear or baby clothes separately, keeping them clean andET-LIXIN Portable Folding Washer hygenic for protecting your family’s health. As it can be folded into a small size of just 4.5H x 11L x 11W inches you can use it on your trips or holidays. 

It is a compact, portable, foldable, versatile and environmentally friendly washing machine at a reasonable price. You can wash 1-2 baby clothes, 2-3 bras, 2-3 pairs of undies or 3-4 pairs of socks at once. It could make a nice replacement to hand washing of small items. In the package you’ll find the mini washer, an adapter plug and a user manual in English. If you receive a defective or damaged product or that does not work, you can return it free of charge via Amazon customer service. So you may want to consider that before posting a bad review. 

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