Audew Warm Welcome 23L & 150 Capacity Electronic Cooler Humidor Review

Audew Warm Welcome 150 Capacity Cooler Humidor

Audew Warm Welcome Electronic Cooler Humidor,150 capacity

Audew Warm Welcome Electronic Cooler Humidor has a 23L or 150 cigar capacity on its Spanish cedar wood shelves. The average user rating for this popular cigar humidor is 4.4 out of 5 stars by 215 customers at the time of this post release. It was first available on on August 23, 2021 and is currently listed as the 8th best seller among the freestanding wine cellars.

You can adjust the temperature between 54 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit through the touch screen control panel for storing your items long term in a natural environment, preserving the taste and flavours. It helps avoid the fluctuations in both humidity and temperature. The Spanish cedar wood on the shelves and drawers of this electronic cooler humidor helps mediate the humidity along with the lovely fragrancy of cedar wood.

The humidity is maintained by the air-closed loop circulation and the air will circulate freely thanks to the integrated fan at the rear and the semiconductor refrigeration technology (Peltier effect). The temperature in the internal cabinet is influenced by both the set temperature and ambient temperature. And the level of humidity is similar in the lower and upper layers. You can store up to 150 cigars in its adjustable wooden drawer and two adjustable wooden shelves. Please note that this humidor can be seasoned in just 2 to 3 days.

With the way it lets you adjust the temperature it offers you a decent environment for your cigar collection. It is great for use in the summer and will be fine in winter too if you put it indoors at 70-74 °F. You’ll see a drain hole on the back bottom that you can put tape over for maintaining the humidity better. Both the internal temperature andAudew Warm Welcome Electronic Cooler Humidor,150 capacity Spanish Cedar the water box affect the humidity inside and will work better with the humidity control packs. It works quietly at a low noise level of between 30 and 35 decibels.

It has a double coated glass door on the Spanish cedar wood shell material and a recessed door handle. It weighs 25.6 pounds and measures 10W x 17.8D x 20H inches for a total internal capacity of 23L or 0.8 ft3. The warranty offered is one year by the manufacturer and you get good customer service. You can message or call them with any queries you may have after your purchase of this product and they’ll be happy to assist you with solving your problems or answering your questions. It is quite a decent quality electronic cooler humidor that we’re happy to recommend.

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