Excalibur EZ Dry 5-Tray Stackable Electric Food Dehydrator Review

Excalibur EZ Dry 5-Tray Stackable Food Dehydrator

Excalibur EZ Dry 5-Tray Stackable Electric Food Dehydrator

Black Excalibur EZ Dry is a versatile and user-friendly, compact electric food dehydrator with 5 stackable trays, convenient temperature control and heat sensor. This BPA-free product is good for health and safety. It comes with the 4 yogurt cups, 5 mesh screens and 2 fruit roll drying sheets. The current user is 5 out of 5 stars for this brand new, November 5, 2020 release food dehydrator.

Each plastic tray has the dimensions of 12W x 12L x 1D inches. On the convenient front access control panel you have the On/ Off switch on the right and a temperature dial that shows you the temps in Fahrenheit and Celsius. The temperature can be adjusted between 95 and 165 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use this modern stackable unit to dry herbs, veggies, fish, meat, dry fruits for making snacks and preserving them, extending the shelf life for later use. By dehydrating the original flavors are changed and enhanced. And it could be especially beneficial for those on Atkins, 5:2 and Paleo diets or anyone eating raw food.

The structure of these trays lets non-stop airflow around your ingredients with every single one of them touched from each angle and you get your best dehydration results. You can start out at high temps to destroy the bacteria and dehydrating at lower temps will maintain enzymatic value. These polycarbonate trays are safe for health and corrosion-proof. You will not get any unwanted off taste or residues in your dried stuff. These detachable polycarbonate BPA-free stackable inserts are safe to be cleaned in the dishwasher. As a CE certified food dehydrator, it comes with the integrated security features like the power cut-out device to prevent overheating because of les airflow with the overfilling of trays.

Excalibur EZ Dry 5-Tray Stackable Dhydrator

Having said that you can fit quite a lot on the trays that measure about a foot square each. Excalibur EZ Dry weighs 8 pounds and measures 12 x 12 x 12 inches and will take up some space on the kitchen counter. The stackable trays are not cheaply made and will not break easily. It is certainly better quality with a decent construction than some of the brands or models on the market and will not break very easily unless it is put through very rough treatment.

With the even airflow around the trays you don’t need to worry about overheating in this food dehydrator. It is a great dehydrator that will get your kids to eat more fruits and you healthy snacks. You will not need to pay lots for the dried snacks with the additives and chemicals. You can dehydrate different types of snacks without mixing the flavors but the flavors of each one are enhanced. It is very easy to operate with just the On/Off button and the temperature adjustment dial. Excalibur is a well known brand for good quality, functionality, reliability and durability. It has been in the market, manufacturing and marketing such products for more than three and a half decades.

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