Frigidaire 20.0 Cubic White Freestanding Upright Freezer, FFFU20F2VW Review

Frigidaire 20.0 Cu. Ft. Upright Freezer

Frigidaire FFFU20F2VW 20.0 cubic feet Freestanding Freezer

White Frigidaire FFFU20F2VW is a 2020 model, brand new release 20.0 cubic feet capacity, upright, freestanding  freezer. It has a single 5-star rating at the moment on, but plenty of other reviews and ratings on the Frigidaire company website for this popular model.

It has the modern EvenTemp Cooling System, Power Outage Assurance for security and flexible interior organization. With the convenient frost-free design you will not need to defrost this freezer manually as it will be done automatically for you. You will know when the internal temperature goes up or if the door is left open with an audible alarm and this will help provide an optimal environment for your frozen items.

Despite being released only very recently in September 2020, it is one of the best selling upright freezers at It has a 20 cubic feet capacity and the annual energy use is estimated to be 115 kw hours. The Power Outage Assurance means your items will be kept frozen for two days in case of a power outage, with the cold air locked in by its great tight seal. Cold air is circulated evenly throughout the interior with the variable speed compressor & the EvenTemp cooling system. The smart sensor adjusts the air flow for keeping the internal temperature uniform on all shelves.

Frigidaire FFFU20F2VW measures 32.625 x 71.75 x 24.25 inches. It has a nice and modern exterior design that would fit your kitchen decor nicely. It comes with five large door bins, a deep bottom basket and four adjustable metallic wire shelves for easy and flexible organization with the efficient use of every inch of space available. With the automatically closed door, you will not be likely to leave the door open Frigidaire FFFU20F2VW20.0 Freestanding Freezerby mistake and avoid unnecessary energy use and food spoilage. This 20 cubic feet capacity freezer takes up as much space as a conventional 17 cubic feet model, while giving you more capacity with the same footprint.

There is a Power-On indicator light that projects onto the floor, so you know that your foods are being kept frozen and fresh. The light basically shows that the freezer is operational. Internal light is also nice and bright and with a 20 cubic feet capacity the freezer will hold quite a bit of your frozen stuff. All the shelves are removable and you can organize your different sized items properly. We like that it runs quietly and efficiently, without disturbing you in the kitchen. This modern freezer passed a 42-point quality check to ensure solid performance and durability over the many long years. Overall it is a very decent freezer that is worth at least checking out and would be good to own for extra freezer space, especially during the pandemic days.

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