FRIGIDAIRE EFMIS2438 Freestanding Beverage Center Cooler Review

FRIGIDAIRE Beverage Center Cooler, EFMIS2438

FRIGIDAIRE EFMIS2438 Beverage Center

Black FRIGIDAIRE EFMIS2438 is a modern beverage cooler with an efficient compressor, a freestanding design and a spacious interior that can fit up to 24 standard size bottles or 101 cans. It is currently one of the best selling freestanding wine cellars on the market.

Free Amazon technical support is included with the purchase of this great little beverage center. Frigidaire is a very well-known brand worldwide and is the leader in the refrigerators category. They make great quality cooling products and other appliances with modern design and solid and durable construction.

You can fill this beverage cooler with either bottles, cans or a combination of both. And if you have open wine bottles, you can have up to 4 of them in a standing position. The blue LED light inside will show off its contents nicely. It looks nice and modern with a double tempered glass door with a silver trim around it for also great insulation, to keep the interior cool consistently without any cool air escaping.

There is a digital blue LED-backlit panel that can be controlled from the outside, that shows the current interior temperature and the Light On/Off and temperature up and down buttons. Three removable chrome racks are included in the box and the interior is easy to clean and reorganize for different configurations with also the additional shelf at the bottom. Frigidaire EFMI2438 is easy on the eyes with its modern design, weighs 59 pounds and measures 20 x 19 x 31 inches.

The temperature range is 5 to 18 degrees Celsius. So the coldest temperature it gets to is 41 degrees in Fahrenheit. It is not really a freezing cold temperature but cold enough, like the interior of a normal fridge. And it would work well for your wine, soda, water, beer bottles etc. It has a solid metal structure and adjustable legs for keeping it stable and quiet on uneven FRIGIDAIRE EFMIS2438 Freestanding Beverage Centergrounds. The voltage and frequency needed are 220-240V/50Hz or 110-120V/60Hz.

You can get this beverage center for an additional storage space to your main fridge.  And you will have more space left for your other items when you transfer your bottles and cans to this one. It is a great quality beverage cooler for a variety of drinks in bottles and cans, by a trusted and well-known brand at a very reasonable price. We are happy to recommend it and you can’t really go wrong with its. And there is always Amazon and Frigidaire customer support in case of any problems or issues you may encounter.

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