GoodOmen 30″ Drop-In, Dual Fuel Gas Cooktop w/ Tempered Glass & 5 Sealed Burners, HB-57001 Review

GoodOmen 30″ Drop-In, Dual Fuel Gas Cooktop

GoodOmen 30 Inches Dual Fuel 5 Sealed Burners Gas Stove

GoodOmen ‎HB-57001 is a 30-inch drop-in type, dual fuel gas stove with a tempered glass, 5 sealed burners and cast iron grates. It is a modern stove-top with the LPG/NG gas hob.

GoodOmen 30″ Gas Stove weighs 34.94 pounds and measures 29.9L x 20.1W x 3H inches. This embedded gas stove includes 5 aluminum burners for your different cooking needs- 2 x 6000BTU, 1 x 8500BTU, 1 x 3400BTU and 1 x 11000BTU. The combustion performance of this gas stove is used properly. You can cook different types of meals wiith the different cooking methods. The power source is 110V AC for the pulse ignition system and no battery is needed.

This heavy-duty drop-in stove top is robust and durable, has a simple and atmospheric design with the beautiful tempered glass on top, solid zinc alloy knobs and the stainless steel burners. It is resistant to corrosion and high temperatures and can be cleaned easily. You can put heavy woks and pans on this solid gas stove with the heavy-duty cast iron support. It comes with a stainless steel drip tray for easy and convenient handling and cleaning. And the laser button icon printing on this gas stove will never fade.

GoodOmen 30 Inches Dual Fuel 5 Sealed Burners Stove Top

As a drop-in type gas stove top you can set it up quickly and easily. It has the three dimensional mixed air intake structure, effective combustion, even heat at the bottom of the pot, constant pressure direct injection, air premixing, better oxygen replenishment, multi-dimensional air nozzle, constant pressure direct injection and reducing combustion exhaust gas. It is easy to use with the auto ignition throuh rotating control and precise and flexible gas adjustment.

In the box you will get the LPG gas conversion kit that will let you change the preset NG- natural gas nozzles to the LPG nozzles. There is a regulator that you can use for both LPG and NG. Please make sure that you get a thorough leak test done on the hob and installation after your final gas connection is completed. GoodOmen is a manufacturer of modern stovetops for home use and as a company they focus on efficiency, stability, safety and energy conservation. They offer good customer service if you encounter any problems or have any questions and they will try and assist you. GoodOmen HB-57001 model cooktop first became available on July 19, 2021 on and is ranked the 55th best selling cooktop on the day of this post release. Overall it appears to be pretty good value for the dollar.

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