Greesum 4-Piece Patio Outdoor Rattan Wicker Conversation Set with Glass Table, GS-4RCS8BG Review

Greesum 4-Piece Patio Outdoor Rattan Wicker Conversation Set  

Greesum GS-4RCS8BG 4 Pieces Patio Rattan

Greesum GS-4RCS8BG is a 4-piece patio outdoor rattan wickers seating furniture set with a glass table and soft cushions for use in your backyard, garden or balcony. There are different color options at including the brown & beige, brown & blue, brown & red, black & beige at different prices. Please refer to the product page for the price differences and the availability of other colors.

Rattan wicker used on this chair set makes this outdoors furniture set comfortable, fashionable and modern. The chairs are also quite robust and durable with a high load capacity. You can sit very comfortably on these chairs with decent backrest support. This great modern conversation set with a combination design is made up of a loveseat, two single seats and a glass coffee table. And you can use the set conveniently in your backyard, garden or poolside. High quality rattan wicker is used on this chair set, that is anti-corrosion or anti-rusting and can withstand different weather conditions and let you use it many long years. But it is obviously a different story for the cushions on the chairs as they’ll get damaged with long exposure to rain.

It is a lightweight outdoor rattan chair set that is easy to assemble with the tools and the instructions included in the package. It is designed for your modern patio and can be nicely made a part of any surrounding very easily. The two chairs are quite comfortable for one person each and the loveseat is great for two people to sit comfortably. There is also a large glass coffee table where you can put your Greesum GS-4RCS8BG 4 Pieces Patio Outdoor Rattan food, fruits, wine, beer, coffee, tea etc. So the rattan wicker material is strong, durable, anti-slip and water-proof. The legs are robust and durable, being made of solid wood and the color is almost black.

The user weight capacity of the love seat and the chairs is 300 pounds. This set is designed for 4 people to relax outdoors for a long time. The load bearing capacity of the chair is increased with the cross structure and can certainly carry more user weight than other similar models on the market. Anti-slip rubber materials are added to the feet of these chairs and the table for them to stay put, safe and stable especially during the wet weather. A single seat measures 18.1 x 18.1 x 34.1 inches, the love seat is 35 x 20.7 x 25 inches and the glass table is 28.1 x 16.1 x 15.4 inches. The package weight 48.51 pounds and measures 37.5L x 11.3W x 25.8H inches. Please note that there may be small differences between the color of the actual product and in the photos because of lighting when the photos were taken.

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