High Life DC 12-Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler, TWE-012SL Review

High Life DC 12-Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler  

High Life DC 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

High Life DC (TWE-012SL) is a 12-Bottle capacity, small thermoelectric wine cooler or wine fridge with a vertical design and a single door to fit in small spaces in your kitchen, bar area, living room or wherever you want There is a single 5-star rating at the moment for this 12-bottle capacity mini wine cooler.

It has a beautiful, sleek and stylish freestanding design and can be used as a standalone cooling unit in any location as long as there is enough clearance around it. It weighs 31.9 pounds and measures 9.9L x 19.7W x 25.1H inches for a 35 liter capacity to accommodate 12 standard Bordeaux type wine bottles in both vertical and horizontal storage as you can see in the product photos. And with a compact and space saving design it will not take up much space in your house.

You’ll keep your white and red bottles in the optimal conditions of the right temperature and without vibrations that could potentially disturb the sediments in your bottles. It is a leak-proof, frost free small wine fridge that works quietly thanks to the efficient, modern thermoelectric cooling without any compressor that runs the motor during the cycles. The noise level is specified as 35 decibels. It has the solid wire shelves with a configuration that you see on the product photos. You have two wire shelves + 3 half size wire shelves for storing 8 wine bottles horizontally as well as a vertical shelf for your opened wine bottles.

You can chill your red, white or sparkling wine in this classic frost-free wine cooler. The temperature range is 50°F to 64°F and is suitable for keeping your other bottles drinks cool. It can be conveniently used when you’re entertaining guests or at the parties. There is an LED-backlit display at the front withHigh Life DC 12 Bottle Wine Cooler the Temperature Up and Down, Light and Fahrenheit/Celsius converter. You can monitor the internal temperatures for the optimal wine storage to suit the type of your wine bottle. It offers a smart way to keep your red and white bottles at the optimal temperatures.

High Life DC (14V) comes with a glass tempered door with great insulation to not let the cool air escape and a hidden recessed door handle. It has a left door hinge and the door can be opened from the left to the right. It could make a nice additional wine storage place if you don’t have enough room in your main fridge. The door looks quite nice with the light blue finish on glass and the rest of the fridge is silver and will not get scratched easily. It comes with the adjustable legs underneath to keep the wine cooler stable on uneven floors. It comes with a year of trusted warranty by the manufacturer and you can contact the customer support or seller via the order page on Amazon.com or they can be emailed or called directly.

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