Hives & Honey Morgan 6-Drawer Walnut Jewelry Armoire, (6006-549) Review

Hives & Honey Morgan 6-Drawer Walnut Jewelry Armoire

Hives & Honey Morgan 6-Drawer Walnut Jewelry Armoire

The latest release Hives & Honey Morgan (6006-549) is a walnut jewelry armoire with a robust and reliable construction and a superior build quality with the best components. It comes with six large drawers for storing your rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, and that feels very sturdy and slide out easily.

Each drawer includes three divided sections to better organize the jewelry that you wish to store. You have the bracelet bars, necklace hooks, earring trays and ring rolls. At the top, there is a hinged lid that you can lift up and a mirror is revealed as well as more divided sections and ring rolls.

Hives & Honey Morgan is a very nice- feminine and traditional looking piece of furniture with a rich dark walnut finish and beautiful antique bronze gear. It will enhance the decor of your bedroom or whichever room you put it in your house, with its sleek and stylish touch.

There is the solid wood support system of artisan’s hand sculpted pieces plus the solid MDF wood panels and the sturdy hardwood veneers. You have the two large doors on the left and right-hand side, that include metal necklace hooks. It is built to hide dust very well and comes with anti-tarnish felt lining.

Hives and Honey Morgan 6-Drawer Walnut Jewelry Armoire

As a heavy duty furniture it weighs 33 pounds and measures 10 x 15.8 x 40.8 inches- is a good size unit with a dresser height of a bit more than 40 inches. It is shipped assembled except for the legs which you can put on in a couple of minutes with a Philips screwdriver as the parts are properly marked.

It is crafted artistically in five steps of wood construction, priming, sanding, base layer, the second layer and a clear coating on top of all. It is a very nice looking and good quality jewelry armoire with a lot of real wood and six spacious drawers that hold quite a bit, at a fair price and offering decent value. There is even a tech hold at the top for managing cords purposes.

You will get wall anchors in the box and you may want to use them if it feels a little shaky, which it shouldn’t if you put the legs on properly. It looks exactly like in the photos, is a good size unit with 40” height, gets the job done very well with the quality and functionality offering more than the price level. It is a very good piece of furniture that we recommend and that you will not be disappointed with.

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