IULULU Memory Foam Gel Bed Mattress Topper, 2-inch & 3-inch Review

IULULU Memory Foam Gel Bed Mattress Topper

IULULU mattress topper

IULULU Mattress Topper is a soft foam bed topper of “gel memory foam” that will help with the pressure relief from back pain. The average customer rating is 4.6 out of 5 stars by 62 users at the time of this post release by mainly happy customers.

September 10, 2021 is the date it was first available at Amazon.com and is ranked 34th among the mattress toppers at the moment. You can purchase this navy blue mattress topper in full size, queen and king with the 2-inch thickness, 3-inch thickness or 2inch with cover options. Currently the Full Size is available in 2-inch and 3-inch thicknesses, Queen size in all three and the King size with the 2-inch thickness options.

The full size topper measures 74 x 52.5 x 2 inches, the queen size is 79 x 59 x 2 inches and the King size is 79 x 75 x 2 inches. The thicker, 3-inch option will offer your body more support. But if all you need is a little upgrade then you may want to go for the thinner 2-inch thick option. If you have an older mattress and by adding a dense memory foam pad you’ll feel more comfortable in bed, and not as hard. It is great if you like sinking into the surface of the bed.

IULULU mattress topper gel memory foam bed topper

The gel memory foam topper will work both ways, offering you a pillow-like softness and also increasing the firmness when you need it, like if you have pain when you get up in the morning. The pressure around your joints will be relieved. The material in this mattress topper will help distribute your body weight evenly and keep your hips, spine and shoulders aligned. This foam mattress topper offers support to your pressure points to help get rid of pain on your joints.

But if you want a softer experience at night and if you want the mattress topper hug your body more you may want to go for the 3-inch thick option rather than the 2-inch one. The main reported benefits of using a mattress topper are adding comfort with the additional cushioning, offering extra support to help relieve the pressure points and soothe joint pain and helping extend the mattress life and giving you more time before you need to change the mattress again. After it is shipped to your address please leave it out in the open air for more than two days and let it get to its original shape. Overall it seems to be good value for money, judging by the product reviews too.

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