Krib Bling 3.5 Cu.ft. Retro 2-Door Mini Fridge with Freezer, FLS-80G Review

Krib Bling 3.5 Cu.ft. Retro 2-Door Mini Fridge with Freezer

Krib Bling 3.5 Cu.ft Compact Refrigerator

Krib Bling ‎FLS-80G is a compact 2-door retro fridge with a freezer, 3.5 cubic feet capacity, small drink chiller and a mechanical thermostat for adjusting the temperature. It is a low noise, energy efficient and environmentally friendly mini fridge.

It is suitable for use in apartment and office kitchens, dorms, RVs and wherever you wish to use it. There are only two reviews on with an average score of 5 stars. It first became available on the website on January 15, 2021 and is currently the 16th best seller among the refrigerators. on the website. You have the two color options of blue and silver with a small 4-dollar price difference at the time of this post release.

Blue Krib Bling Mini 2-Door Refrigerator weighs 28.7 pounds and measures 16.7L x 17.52W x 34.18H inches for a total internal 3.5 cubic feet capacity divided into the fridge and freezer sections. It is compact in size and there is a separate freezer at the top for your frozen items and ice. Having both the cooling and freezing sections this fridge is more spacious than the ordinary single door fridges and will help keep your foods fresh or frozen for a long time.

Please note that the door is not reversible and you can only open it to the right and can’t reverse the hinge to open from the left. The temperature can be adjusted to 7 levels and you can choose the right temperature level depending on the external temperature. It has a lovely, simplistic retro design with a chrome handle and the rounded corners of the cabinet that will not present risk to your kids. With the 120V of voltage it can be plugged into any standard US power outlets.

Krib Bling 3.5 Cu.ft Compact Retro Fridge

Krib Bling Retro Mini Fridge comes with the two detachable glass shelves for putting different types of foods on each shelf. You have the flexibility to store your foods and drinks and easy to detach and clean. This mini fridge has a very efficient compressor that uses up little electricity and saves on energy and you can sleep well all night.

Krib Bling Retro Fridge even comes with the ice trays for the freezer and is easy to operate. It is best that you set the knob to 5 for general use and you can keep it at whatever you need between 1 and 7. The higher this number is the colder the fridge will be. This mini fridge is shipped with the right side open and does not need any professional installation. Please note that the exterior has a film on it for protection and may have scratches on and you can tear it off prior to use. You’re recommended to leave the fridge unplugged for about 24 hours prior to plugging it and using it.

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