Karlxtom Portable Countertop Mini Dishwasher with 5 Programs & 5L Water Tank, TDQR03 Review

Karlxtom Portable Countertop Mini Dishwasher

Karlxtom Portable Countertop Dishwasher Interior

Karlxtom Portable Countertop Dishwasher (‎TDQR03) is a mini dishwashing appliance with 5 wash programs including fruit wash and baby care, 5-liter built-in water tank and inlet hose, 4 full place settings for use in the small apartments, dorms, camping and RVs. December 22, 2021 is the date this number one new release countertop dishwasher was first available at Amazon.com and is ranked the 6th best selling countertop dishwasher.

White and black Karlxtom Dishwasher weighs 32.6 pounds and measures 16.86L x 16.75W x 18.05H inches. The noise level is specified as 50 decibels and runs relatively quietly for a dishwasher. It has the two water supply modes of water tank and faucet supply. When you use the 5-liter built-in water tank no hookup is needed and you just pour water into this 1.3 gallon or 5L water reservoir by using the included pitcher to fill it up. And if you want to use the faucet supply mode you just connect the included inlet hose to a faucet. 

You’ll also get a drain hose that you can use to drain the used water into your kitchen sink or into a bucket. It has the extra drying function with the PTC hot air drying mode and the automatic ventilation, your dishes are kept clean and without bad odours and dry for a much longer time. If you choose the Extra Dry option, it offers 60 minutes of hot air drying and up to 72 hours of ventilated storage. The 15 minutes of auto ventilation will begin every 75 minutes for keeping the dishes dry or preventing odours. And the screen will show a lowercase “b”. 

It has the 950 watts of power and with the 120V of voltage you can plug this mini dishwasher into any standard US power outlets. The 5 washing modes or cycles are Normal (69mins), Rapid (29mins), Glass (59mins), Fruit Wash (19mins) and Baby Care (89mins). And the drying function will start in all modes except for the Fruit Wash. IfKarlxtom Portable Countertop Dishwasher you’re using the water tank mode you just fill the 5L tank with the pitcher and it will not need any extra water. And if you’re not near your kitchen sink or not using it for draining, you will need a 6L to 10L bucket. 

Your water consumption is reduced by up to 80% as compared to washing by hand. You’re recommended to not connect the hose to the hot water faucet and the dishwasher will heat water up to 167 degrees Fahrenheit, dissolving grease stains successfully. If there is no screw thread on your tap you may want to check with the customer support before purchasing a 3/4II GHT threaded faucet adapter. The faucet needs to be kept on during the whole washing cycle and no water is added into the water reserve tank through the faucet. 

When the water is drained you’ll need more water from the tap water source for the rinsing cycle. Despite its compact exterior it holds the 4 full place settings and fitting 12-inch dishes at any angle for the daily needs of a family of up to 3-4 people. You can only use dishwasher detergents in this machine and powder, liquid or pods are all fine and please use tablets only during the longer cycles for them to dissolve properly. In the box you’ll get the dishwasher, a cutlery basket, a storage rack, a tableware basket, a fruit basket, a 61” inlet hose, a 61” drain hose, a pitcher, a hose collar and a user manual. Overall it seems to be decent value for money.

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