KEG Top Chest Freezer 7.0 Cu ft w/ Storage Basket, KCF-210A Review

KEG Top Chest Freezer 7.0 Cu ft , KCF-210A  

KEG Top Chest Freezer 7.0 Cubic Feet

White KEG KCF-210A is a compact chest freezer with a top loading style and a decent 7 cubic feet capacity. With its relatively small exterior and decent size interior it will save you on space, being fairly small on the outside and relatively large on the inside.

KEG Freezer has a conveniently removable storage basket and a 7-level adjustable thermostat. It has an efficient and powerful compressor that gets the temperature down quickly to what you set it while running quietly. You will only hear a light humming when the efficient compressor is doing the cycles. And if you do not open the door too often and keep it shut after you get what you want.

White KEG 7 cu.ft. Freezer has a metal exterior, weighs 68 pounds and measures 35.46 x 21.65 x 33.46 inches, which is a good size for keeping different frozen items in the deep freeze. The adjustable thermostat has 7 levels for you to choose your desired temperature between -13 and 17.6 degrees Fahrenheit. The 120-watt (115V) unit consumes only an estimated 234 kilowatt hours of energy per year as a highly efficient compressor type freezer. This is less than the average of similar size freezers.

You can put your drinks, beers, ice cream or other small items that you wish to get to quickly in the hanging storage basket. It also gives you the chance to better organize your frozen stuff. It slides out very easily and you can see what is hidden underneath it easily. These smaller items will not get crushed by other larger products and you will be able to find what you’re looking for quickly. You can keep the balanced hinge-type KEG Top Chest Freezer 7.0 Cubic Feet with thermostatdoor open between 45 and 90-degree angles by holding the recessed door handle. You can use it hands-free and without making any noise.

It may make a nice additional deep freezer unit to your existing large fridge if you tend to store a lot of frozen items. The 7-grade adjustable thermostat is located on the outside, just on the lower bottom right. Both the exterior and interior of the freezer are easy to clean, effortlessly. Please note that the storage space in a deep freezer is like 35 pounds per cubic foot including the packaging and 30 pounds without. So you can have around 210 pounds of frozen foods and drinks in the Keg 7 cu.ft. Freezer. The customer service of Keg can be contacted via email or your Amazon order page and they will get back to you within just 12 hours.

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