Kenmore Countertop Bottleless Water Dispenser Optimizer Cooler, KM1000 Review

Kenmore Countertop Water Dispenser Cooler, KM1000

Kenmore Water Dispenser Optimizer

Kenmore KM1000 is a bottle-less, countertop style water cooler dispenser optimizer, an efficient water cooler hub that is a 3-in-1 kitchen appliance that works as a central water purifier, cooler and dispenser. The color options available are white and black, with the black 11 dollars more at the time of this review.

This temp optimized water dispenser offers three temperature modes for cold, hot and ambient water modes for giving you water instantly at the temperature you need or want at the time. It can be used as a coffee and ice connection port where it provides tasty pure water to two extra appliances, like a coffee machine and an ice maker. It will be great for you to have that extra filtered water with the ULTRA+3 Filtration System.

It is an Energy Star certified water dispenser that is environmentally aware. It actually senses when you switch the lights off and will turn down the temperature on your water dispenser to save on your energy bills. Each filter set is good for producing 6000 x 0.5 liter water bottles. You don’t need to carry and lift those heavy 5 gallon water bottles as you’ll connect it directly to your cold water line with the installation kit of 7 pieces included in the box. It will easily transform your tap water into tasty pure filtered water.

You don’t need to wait for an electric kettle or stovetop heating up your water or your bottled water to chill in the fridge or freezer. It weighs 39.8 pounds and measures 17.1 x 10.2 x 16.7 inches, is free of water reservoir and comes with a hose that can be connected to your kitchen faucet for cold water or to your ice making machine. It has the LED-backlit touch control panel with different options. You can fill your cup or container in the dark or dim light thanks to the dispenser light that illuminates the water filling area. The lowest temperature for the cold water is 39 degrees Fahrenheit (3.88 Celsius), which is pretty cold.

Kenmore Water Dispenser Optimizer Display Panel

The magnetic panel for the filter is easy to remove for placing or swapping the ULTRA+3 hybrid filter pod. The optional particle filter pod is mounted externally (external EZ-twist mount). There is an intuitive child security lock on the hot dispenser. You’ll find the installation instructions in the user manual and the parts you need are also included in the box. You can contact the customer support team if you need anything else. UV filter only works on the ambient temperature, not hot or cold. The change filter indicator tells you when you need to change the filter, but it should last up to a year if you only have a couple of people using it daily. It offers great value for money overall.

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