Keurig Supreme Plus Single Serve Coffee Maker Bundle Review

Keurig Supreme Plus Single Serve Coffee Maker 

Keurig Supreme Plus Single Serve Coffee Maker Bundle

Stainless steel Keurig Supreme Plus is a hot new release single serve coffee maker or brewer bundle with a multistream technology for making coffee, tea, hot chocolate and more in just a few minutes. It is rated an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars by 14 customers at the moment, by mainly the positive reviews.

You will get more aroma and flavors extracted into each cup of coffee with its multistream technology, as compared to Keurig’s well-known K-Classic Coffee Brewer by using the Keurig coffee pods. It has a digital display panel with an easy to understand and use interface. You just put in any coffee pod and use this easy panel to make a tasty cup of coffee. You can program this coffee brewer to the preferences of up to three users.

There are three temperature and three strength settings to choose from and you have the option to make a stronger or milder cup of coffee. To make a lovely iced coffee on hot days by brewing hot coffee over ice. You also have the option to make coffee for different cup sizes of 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 ounces. The detachable reservoir can have enough water for 9 cups of coffee before getting refilled. The drip tray is removable for you to put travel mugs up to 7 inches tall.

Keurig Supreme Plus Single Serve Coffee Maker

Keurig Supreme Plus weighs 3 pounds with a capacity of 6.88 ounces and measures 5 x 5 x 5 inches, has a sleek and contemporary design- a premium look and feel with its stainless steel metal wrap and a modern digital display. You’ll get your fresh cup of coffee brewed quickly in just minutes. You will not need to wait for the brewer to reheat before making your second cup of coffee.

You can use one of the hundreds of coffee pods or use your own ground coffee in the reusable coffee filter with the flexibility offered by the Keurig Supreme Plus. Please refer to the product page on how to use the coffee machine, filter and the filter holder. In the box you’ll get a two pack of water filter cartridge refill, a Keurig side reservoir water filter starter kit and My Cup universal reusable coffee filter. It makes nice cups of coffee with the optimal heat, strength and size, and of your choice, with the 5 punctures rather than 1 or 2 on some other models (1 on the older Keurig). It is easy to use, looks good, doesn’t take up much space on your counter, brews nice coffee and appears to be pretty good value for the money.

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