Avory Magnetic Elliptical Machine Cross Trainer, 300 lb. Capacity Review

Avory Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer

Avory Elliptical Machine

Black Avory Elliptical Trainer is an entry level cardiovascular fitness equipment with the magnetic resistance, two-way flywheel, anti-slip feet and a sturdy frame that can carry a total user weight of roughly 300 pounds.

It is a very recent release product that first appeared at Amazon.com on November 24, 2020. The non-slip pedals are large enough to fit any feet nicely and the distance between the two pedals is 15 inches (38cm) for offering you a decent step range. You have 9 levels of magnetic resistance that you can adjust through the tension dial in the center. Thanks to the magnetic control resistance system and flywheel you will enjoy a smooth and quiet ride at all times.

You will not be making any noise to disturb the people in the house or your neighbors and you can listen to your favorite songs or watch videos on your smartphone or big TV screen. This way you will also be able to work out longer and burn more calories efficiently. You will not only get a great cardio workout on this elliptical cross trainer but will also gain better posture and motion coordination. It will help strengthen your main muscles including your legs, buttocks, core section and arms.

With the 8 levels of resistance you can start out at a lower level and go up and it is often a good idea to change the intensity level during your workout to be able to burn more calories and fat. And this way, you will get results faster. It offers a low impact workout, protecting your knees, ankles or joints with an ergonomic design conforming to the Avory Elliptical Trainer 300lbhuman body and decreasing the frontal impact. It is suitable for use in your home gym, office or wherever you want, but not in the commercial gym settings.

It has a solid construction for how much it costs but surely wouldn’t be suitable for use by many different people every day. Black Avory Elliptical Trainer weighs 66.14 pounds (30kg) with a maximum user weight capacity of 300 pounds (136kg) and measures 38 x 20.5 x 61.41 inches (97 x 52 x 156cm). You have the modern inertia wheel structure on this elliptical trainer with the very efficient drive transmission, and the rotational inertia is 1.75 times that of other regular flywheels out there. You’ll be able to burn calories and fat better with a higher inertia. It is not a foldable fitness equipment but you can move it easily on its built-in transport wheels.

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