Kingsford Original SteakAger- Commercial Grade, in Fridge Review

Kingsford Original SteakAger- Commercial Grade

Kingsford Original SteakAger

Kingsford Original SteakAger is created- “Made in USA” for turning low-cost beef or steak into expensive restaurant quality 5 star meat by the traditional commercial dry aging in your home kitchen. They’ll be so good that you will not even need to use a steak knife.

Kingsford SteakAger weighs 6 pounds and measures 12 x 14 x 8 inches, will fit in your fridge easily and creates the micro environment with the optimal humidity, temperature and air flow. It is completely automated, and easy to operate with zero controls. You can download the free application on your smartphone- Android or iPhone and track the progress directly from your mobile phone at a distance, thanks to the built-in WiFi and Bluetooth.

The bacteria will be controlled with the ultraviolet germicidal light and the flavors and texture of the meat will be enhanced by time. It is basically an awesome taste and texture transformer. The stainless steel Kingsford Original is sturdy and durable, scratch and impact resistant. You’ll get it as a 6-piece unit that is easy to put together, along with one year limited warranty with terms and conditions. What this steak ager kitchen appliance does in the fridge is a great imitation of weeks long hung meat curing process.

If the interior temperature is not kept between 33 and 37 degrees Fahrenheit, meat or steak will spoil or freeze. Humidity and ventilation are equally important so as not to have harmful bacteria in there. Safe and reliable dry aging is very important. You can use the Kingsford Original with any cuts of steak, like sirloin, T-bone, NY Strip, fillet, sirloin or ribeye. And put the perfect steak into sous vide and enjoy the restaurant quality meal in the comfort of your home. The flavors will be enhanced, you’ll get a unique taste and aroma but comes at a cost of shrinkage and trimming.

Kingsford SteakAger DRY AGED STEAK

The dry aged steak is normally up to 4 times more expensive than regular steak, because the process can take anywhere up to 2-3 months, requires close monitoring for humidity, air flow and temperature, takes some space and decreases yield by around thirty percent. It increases the juiciness, produces enzymes that breaks down the connective tissue and produces the unique nutty, earthy and intense flavors that you won’t get elsewhere. You can dry up to 22 pounds of beef at once in this steak ager.

The steak looks significantly different after the first three days of being in this unit and in the fridge and will be more or less the same for another two to three weeks, till you remove it. This steak ager will help you save money, by not paying 3-4 times more the regular steak price. It will turn out to be less than twice the cost of the steak. The SteakAger is quite big and will take up space in your fridge and you may need a larger fridge or a second small fridge just for dry aging beef or steak. And the instructions could be a little bit easier. But overall this brand new idea and the unit are great overall and will save you money over time.

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