Kitchen Academy 36” CK-1 Gas Cooktop with 6 Burners & Auto Ignition, HRT3618U Review

Kitchen Academy 36” Gas Cooktop with 6 Burners, HRT3618U 

Kitchen Academy 36'' Gas Cooktop

Kitchen Academy HRT3618U (CK-1) is a 36” is a professional stainless steel gas rangetop, cooktop, stove with six gas burners and auto ignition. It is a very recent release cooker with an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars by 4 users on the day of this review.

Kitchen Academy 36″ Gas Cooktop weighs 90 pounds, measures 35.8W x 27.16D x 7H inches, and has a 15mm adjustable height. It has a freestanding or standalone design and sits flush with the countertop. It has a sturdy and durable construction of a 304 alloy stainless steel burner cap withe the heavy cast iron grates and the black porcelain drip pan. You have the three single burners of 12000 BTU, a dual burner of 15000 BTU and two single burners of 18000 BTU.

It has a very nice and modern design and the seamless recessed burners are quite easy to clean, with also the spill-safe cooktop containing your spillovers. The grates have a continuous design and you don’t have to lift the pans or pots when you want to move them to the other burners. You simply push and turn the knobs to turn on the flame with the Piezo automatic ignition function. It is easy to operate with the angled front controls when you’re making different meals at once. You’ll see a bright blue light on the burner controls after the ignition.

You can use the low simmer burner for your sauces and delicate foods and the high heat 18,000 burner for larger pots and pans and stuff that you wish to cook quickly. Kitchen Academy Gas Cooktops can be installed above the Frigidaire single electric wall ovens. They are easy to install and take about 15 minutes to half an hour. You can put your roast into the oven and Kitchen Academy 36'' Gas Cooktop, 6 burnershandle the sauces and the side dishes on the cooktop. It works well with the powerful burners and will heat up or cook your meals faster than normal.

Kitchen Academy CK-1 (HRT3618U) looks nice and luxurious with the blue LED light-up high grade zinc alloy control knobs and clean lines and would make a great addition to any kitchen. It is a very high- 87000 BTU cooking unit and you do need a powerful vent to go with it. It is designed for use with natural gas and you can purchase the HRG3618U LP conversion kit on if you need it. You can plug it to any standard American outlet with 120 Volts and 60Hz frequency. It is offered with a two-year warranty for parts and labor, product service guarantee on parts, along with a decent customer support. The gas cooktops are shipped from within the US and the delivery can take from two days up to a week.

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