Knox 48 Quart Electric Cooler and Warmer, KN-CCW48QB Review

Knox 48-Quart Electric Cooler and Warmer

Knox 48 Quart Electric Cooler and Warmer

Knox Gear KN-CCW48QB is modern electric cooler and warmer with a 48-quart or 45-liter storage capacity for home and car use. It can accommodate 6 x two-liter bottles and 15 cans or a total of 60 cans.

It comes with the double 12-volt DC vehicle and the 110-volt AC house plugs. As a very popular product it is reviewed by 277 customers that purchased the product. It is promoted as the Amazon’s choice for 12V car fridges coolers. It is good for camping, road trips with family and friends, tailgating, the beach and more. You’ll get the Amazon product support included free of charge.

Knox KN-CCW48QB weighs 16.65 pounds and measures 16.1 x 23.2 x 17.7 inches. This portable travel cooler and heater offers plenty of storage space for when you’re on the road, in a mini van, camper or RV for chilling your beverages and food items or snacks. It is conveniently portable wherever you want to take it. It can be plugged in the regular wall power outlets or car power adapters with the two integrated cords that are 46 inches (house power outlet) and 5.5 feet long (cigarette lighter).

It can be used both indoors and outdoors with the integrated AC adapter. You just spin the cover in any of the two directions to reach the cable. They have the storage sections that can be hidden when you’re not using them. There is a detachable divider that creates two sections for better organization and storage. You won’t need to carry around any ice packs that need refilling constantly and occupies a lot of space, as this unit cools without needing any ice. And there won’t be any mess of the melted ice from the ice packs.

You’ll get a 40-degree Fahrenheit temperature below the ambient temperature from this cooler without using any ice. So if it is 90 degrees the cooler temperature will go down to 50 degrees. And it will heat up to 130-degrees Fahrenheit for those items that you wish to keep warm, like soups or stews or anything you want to serve instantly. It is easy to move around with its Knox 48 Quart Electric Cooler and Warmer Partstransport wheels at the bottom of one side and a double functioning handle that you can hold and lift or pull at the top of the other side. The Knox Gear Cooler/Warmer can be used by you and your family all year long.

It will keep your hot food hot and cold food and drinks cold in its very large 48-quart capacity interior section. It measures 22L  x 15W x 15D inches on the outside and the interior dimensions are 17L x 12W x 11D inches. And this is good enough for a two-liter bottle and as well as for enough space for your other food items or snacks. There won’t be any spilling from foods or drinks by accident and the interior temperatures will be maintained with the tight sealing of the lid. You need to swing the handle back to lock it and forward to open it. You can also lock it half way and your food is safe during the transport.

If you keep it plugged in your car for hours with the car engine not running, the car battery will be drained. There isn’t a lock on this cooler heater and you simply put your hands on the groove and lift the lid- grab the top white part. But if it is empty you may want to hold the bottom down as you pull it up. It runs very quietly and you can have it in the room or area where you’re sleeping and you won’t hear anything. There is a drain plug and you can clean the exterior with a damp cloth and soap. In the AC mode it uses 58 watts for cooling and 52 watts for heating and in the DC mode it uses 48 watts for cooling and 40 watts for heating. Your food will stay the same temperature as in your fridge for days and your drinks will also be cold, but colder in metal containers. It is definitely very good value for the dollar and we’re happy to recommend it.

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