LHRIVER Portable Mini Deep Freezer, 1.2cu.ft., 2.3cu.ft & 3.0cu.ft Review

LHRIVER Upright Portable Mini Freezer

LHRIVER Portable Small Deep Freezer

LHRIVER Portable Mini Deep Freezer has a 1.2 cubic feet capacity with a reversible stainless steel single door, adjustable leveling legs, an independent door handle and 7-level freezer thermometer. The two other size options are 2.3cu. ft. and 3.0cu.ft and the colors offered on the product page are black, red or white.

It is a number one new release mini deep upright freezer without many customer reviews so far. The mini deep freezer with a sleek and modern design has two storage spaces divided by the detachable slide-out chrome shelf inside to organise your foods better. The portable freezers tend to come with the built-in handles on the door and not a separate door handle like you get on this compact freezer. By holding the independent door handle you can open the fridge door easily if you have something in your other hand.

It has the protruding dot design on the side door just like a sealed box, cools down quickly and the cool air is locked properly. And your frozen items in the freezer will stay nice and fresh. The flat back design of this freezer with a freestanding design helps with saving you on space. There are 7 temperature settings on these freezers (1.2, 2.3 and 3.0 cubic feet models) as well as a O setting for turning it off. Please note that 7 is the coldest of these settings and 1 will have the least cold. The temperature can be adjusted between -13 and 10.4 degrees Fahrenheit. “0” will not shut off the freezer but will stop the cooling cycle.

LHRIVER Mini Deep Freezer weighs 38 pounds and measures 19.68 x 19.5 x 19.5 inches. It has the rear base and the two adjustable leveling legs at the front and will help it stay balanced on uneven floors. The door hinges are reversible and you can open the door from the left or the right depending on your needs and preferences. It needs 2 inches of clearance on both sides and 4 inches at the rear for proper operation. It is large inside for accommodating frozen pizza, chicken, beef, bacon andLHRIVER Portable Small Deep Freezer 1.2cu.ft. whatever you want. It has an A standard 115/120VAC to /60Hz three-leg ground socket and uses 0.8A per kilowatt hour of use as part of its power saving design and will not add much to your electricity bills.

It doesn’t have the auto defrost function and you can defrost it manually every 3 months or whenever needed. And this will help keep the freezer interior clean. It has an energy saving R600 compressor with the 3D reverse circulation to lock the freshness quickly. You can use it for storing your frozen meals, ice, ice cream, fruits, vegetables and more. It can be used as a spare freezer at home, in the office, dorm room, game room, garage or factory is good for your storage needs. You can put this mini freezer wherever you want, also on uneven floors as it has the self-leveling legs. It works quietly at a noise level of 37 decibels with the deep mute system. Please do not restart the freeze immediately after a power cut. And please refer to the user manual for operation and care instructions.

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