LINKLIFE 11lb. 2.6cu.ft. Electric Portable Clothes Dryer Review

LINKLIFE 11lb. Portable Clothes Dryer

LINKLIFE 11Lbs 2.6 cu.f Electric Portable Clothes Dryer

LINKLIFE 11lb. Portable Clothes Dryer (‎P30098) is a stainless steel electric tumble laundry drying appliance with a rather modern appearance, 2.6 cubic feet internal capacity, mechanical control dial and a stainless steel drum. This number one hot new release clothes dryer first became available on July 14, 2021 and it is ranked the 5th best selling in the Clothes Dryers category at

The freestanding style stainless steel LinkLife Clothes Dryer measures 19.5L x 17.1W x 23.4H inches and has a 1.5 meter power cord. It offers a decent, powerful performance with its 830-watt power motor to get your clothes dry quickly. It can get up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit of temperatures ford accelerated drying. And you can fit in quite a bit in with its 10-pound large capacity. The inner clothes dryer machine component works at 120 Volts of voltage and 60Hz of frequency to be plugged into regular US power outlets.

The LinkLife Tumble Dryer works relatively quietly at a noise level of less than 60 decibels despite all the power and stays stable during the operation. It will not disturb people sleeping in the house and you will not really need to wait for it to complete the task. There is a Cold Air Care function that works simply as an odor remover, when you do not want to dry your clothes but need to get rid of the smells in a short time. The wear and tear on your clothes will be minimised in the stainless steel tub.

It is suitable for use in small apartments, dorms, RVs or wherever you want to use it. You can mount this compact and portable clothes dryer on a rack on the wall just above your washing machine etc. to save on some space in your house. Or you can just put it firmly on the ground. With the short drying time it will save you onLINKLIFE 11Lbs 2.6 cu.f Electric Portable Dryer energy usage while offering great efficiency. You also have the final air cooling in the last 20 minutes for the right temperature when you remove them off the stainless steel tub.

The natural drying function in this clothes dryer will keep your clothes free of wrinkles. You can use it for drying a variety of your smaller clothing items including towels and bath towels. And you can view the drying process through the transparent window of this modern dryer. The over-temp protection starts at 70 degrees Celsius (158 degrees Fahrenheit). It stops automatically when the door is opened. The heating is performed with the PTC ceramic heating tubes. Please note that the product you receive may have a slightly different color than the color in the photo.

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