Magic Mill MFD7100 Food Dehydrator Machine Review

Magic Mill MFD7100 Food Dehydrator

Magic Mill MFD7100 Food Dehydrator Machine

Magic Mill MFD7100 is a 2019 release modern food dehydrator dryer that is easy to set up with an LCD-backlit panel and 7 stainless steel trays. You can use it to dry beef, meat, jerky, veggies, fruits, granola, bread crumbs, herbs and flowers, and for making yoghurt.

The average rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars by 15 customers on the day of this product review. The digital display has the timer and temperature control buttons on the left, and Start/Stop, Keep Warm and Fast/Raw options on the right. Magic Mill Dehydrator dries food evenly as the back mounted drying fan offers even drying with the great air flow circulation. You do not need to rotate the shelves as you may have to in other dehydrators. The door has a see-through window that lets you monitor the dehydration process easily without needing to open the door.

When the time is up it will stop automatically with the auto shut-off feature and will go into the warm mode if you press the Keep Warm for the unit to keep your food warm for 24 hours. You’ll get the tasty dried food or snacks with the ideal texture at the optimal timing and temperature. You’ll see on the screen with the timer when the drying will be complete. The 7 stainless steel trays are removable and adjustable and you can use these for regular stuff and the included two mesh trays for herbs and nuts and just use the two fruit leather sheets for your fruit roll ups.

You can also use the fruit leather sheet for the drip trays. These stainless steel drying racks and liners are food grade BPA free and dishwasher safe- easy to clean. You can also wipe down the metal exterior and interior with a damp cloth. Each one measures 13 x 12 inches, giving you plenty of space for dehydrating quite a bit. Whichever tray you want to use at the bottom or top will work fine with the air flow circulation with the rear mounted drying fan. You can select the temperature between 95 and 165 degrees Fahrenheit and the time between 30 minutes to 24 hours of drying time in half hour increments.

It is sleek, modern and professional looking, weighs 19.8 pounds and measures 18 x 14 x 13 inches. You can have a total of 7 pounds of food or snacks dried simultaneously. It is perfectly safe to use with the overheating safety protection. The air flow is horizontal- back to front and even all over the bottom, middle and top trays. It has a Magic Mill MFD7100 Food Dehydratorpowerful motor with 480 watts of power. You’ll find many recipes and settings in the little pamphlet for different foods that you may want to dehydrate. The temperature adjustment can be done in 5-degree increments for up to 10 hours.

Magic Mill MFD7100 is easy to set up and operate, is easy on the eyes, runs very quietly, distributes the heat evenly, is sleek and modern, has a very big 7-pound capacity, lightweight and easy to move around, and the price seems right. It comes with with one-year limited warranty and the free Amazon tech support is included with your purchase. By drying your favorite foods you will have your snacks have a longer shelf life and last longer without spoiling. You will be eating more of the healthy snacks, rather than the candies or dried foods full of chemicals and preservatives that you’ll find at the stores. It offers very good value for the dollar.

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