hOmeLabs 3.3 Cubic Feet Under Counter Mini Fridge with Covered Chiller Review

hOmeLabs 3.3 Cubic Feet Under Counter Mini Fridge

hOmeLabs 3.3 Cubic Feet Under Counter Mini Fridge

Silver and black hOmeLabs HME030210N is a functional and stylish under the counter type compact fridge with a stainless steel finish, a 3.3 cubic feet capacity and a covered chiller for home, small apartment, dorm room, garage, game room, RV or office use.

The average customer rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars by 119 customers on the day of this product review. It is designed for both food and drink storage on its three detachable glass shelves and frozen items in the chiller. As a compact single-door fridge with a space saving use for small spaces, it measures 18.5 x 17 x 33.5 inches, with a 3.3 cubic feet capacity and weighs 43.6 pounds- lightweight for its size.

The door hinge is reversible, allowing you to open the door from the right or the left. There is a thermostat knob that lets you adjust the temperature to three different modes of Minimum, Medium and Maximum. You need to set it to Med or Max to be able to freeze ice cubes in the freezer section. You’ll get around 33 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit in the main fridge compartment when you set it to Medium mode. It has a stylish design with a sleek back and will look good in any kitchen or room decor at home or office.

You can write and erase notes at the front of this fridge if you have a wax crayon or dry erase marker, with its unique design. You can wipe it off easily with a cloth and warm water. It has a spacious interior for you to store and organize your food and drinks. You can put your one liter bottles of soda, water or wine as well as the canned beverages on the left. You can also put your eggs, butter, jams etc. in the upper section inside the door. There are three glass shelves that you can adjust and remove if you need to put taller items in the refrigerator. The cans slide out easily from the can compartment on the door.

You’ll see a removable drain tray underneath the freezer for catching the water drips after the defrosting. When you first get it delivered to your address please keep it upright for about 24 hours before plugging it in, just like any compressor type coolers. If you will leave the fridge unattended for two weeks or so, please defrost it before you leave. hOmeLabs 3.3 cu. ft. is a quiet fridge if you leave enough clearance at the back for air circulation hOmeLabs 3.3 Cubic Feet Under Counter Compact Refrigeratorand set it to the right temperature and you can have it in your bedroom. You’ll only hear some light humming when the compressor is doing the cycles.

You’ll find a small ice tray inside the chiller that works well for ice cubes, ice cream and other frozen items, but is a little narrow. There is no light inside, but it is large inside (16 x 24 inches without the door) and works well. It is a bit larger than compact fridges and what you may expect in terms of size. It is offered with a decent customer support and they’ll be happy to help with your questions or issues you may have.

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