MANITAN Electric Cooler Humidors, 25L & 50L with Spanish Cedar Wood Shelves

MANITAN 25L & 50L Electric Cooler Humidors

MANITAN 25L Electric Cooler Humidor 150 Capacity

MANITAN Electric Cooler Humidor has the Spanish cedar wood shelves and is offered in two options of 25L 150 capacity (IQ-ER19-BCI7) and 50L 300 capacity (U6-5ADW-Z79I). It helps keep the humidity and temperature stable for your cigars.

The 25L 150 capacity humidor weighs 30.8 pounds and measures 19.5D x 10.2W x 18.7H inches and the 50L humidor measures 18.9D x 17W x 20H inches. It has a double explosion proof toughened, tempered anti-ultraviolet glass door that decreases the influence of the outside humidity and temperature. And the shelves are made of solid wood. It has a nice hidden design handle and an aesthetic top door shaft structure with more than 180 degrees to unlock and easy to remove.

You can view the change in the temperature on the clear electronic display whenever you want and adjust the temperature with the Intelligent Electronic Temp Control. It is designed for cooling but not heating and helps keep your cigars at the temperatures between 54 and 63 degrees Fahrenheit environment. It looks nice and is quite practical and will help sort out the water mist problem under the 70% humidity. The Spanish cedar wood drawer adds a nice flavour and smell while controlling the humidity. 

The adjustable horizontal foot underneath will help with zero vibrations. The humidity and the temperature in the cabinet are kept uniform with the 360-degree circulating cold air system. There is a humidity indicator- an analog hygrometer on the cedar drawer for letting you know of the humidity in the cabinet. The level of humidity can’t be adjusted but you add water in the small box for maintaining the humidity. The noise level is specified asMANITAN 25L Electric Cooler Humidor less than 38 decibels. On the LED-backlit control panel you have the Fahrenheit/Celsius converter, a light switch, and the temperature up and down buttons. 

The temperature you see on the display is not the current instant temp but the average temp over a period of time. There is only a small margin of error, but it will not be much different to the current temperature. For resetting you can turn it off and wait for a couple of minutes to restart. In the package you will find the 25L humidor, two cedar wood drawers, a cedar wood shelf, an acrylic water box and a small cutter. You can contact the customer service with any questions you may have. The average user rating is 4.6 out of 5 stars by 3 customers at the moment for these humidors. They first became available at on March 29, 2022 and ranked the 43rd among the freestanding wine cellars. Overall both options- 25L and 50L seem to offer good value for money.

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