Maximus Sports 1HP Electric Motorised Treadmill Review

Maximus Sports 1HP Electric Treadmill

Maximus Sports Electric Bluetooth Treadmill

Maximus Sports Electric Motorised Treadmill is a foldable walking, jogging and running machine with 1 HP motor and Bluetooth function. You can plug this corded electric fitness treadmill into any power outlet. It first became available on December 1, 2020 and is currently ranked number 33 among the best seller treadmills.

Black Maximus Sports Treadmill has an alloy steel frame and the maximum total user weight capacity is 240 pounds or 110kg. This compact treadmill has the Bluetooth function and you’ll need to download a free app to hook up your Android or Apple smartphone or tablet. You can log your workout activity and run the preset Google Maps. It comes with a smartphone and tablet stand for your entertainment during your workout session.

You have the standard workout indicators on the LED display, including the current speed, time exercised, distance traveled, calories burned and Scan mode that shows each of these indicators one by one. There are 12 preset automatic programs and you can customize your own to whatever you like in terms of speed and time etc. There are three levels of manual incline that you can adjust through the back. You can fold it away easily for storage and move it to a convenient spot on its transportation wheels.

Maximus Sports Electric Bluetooth Tre

It will help you burn calories and fat, tone your muscles, and enhance your overall cardio fitness levels. So whatever your fitness goal is- whatever you want to achieve or if you want a treadmill for warming up prior to your workout this treadmill will work for you. By using the Google satellite road maps you can jog or run against other users around the world or run on different terrains- outdoors from the comfort of your home. You can actually control this treadmill from your tablet or smartphone.

The 3 levels of incline will offer you an easier or harder workout. You have the emergency stop tag and the suspension system to make the operation easier. There are the quick speed keys for 2kph, 4kph, 6kph, 8kph and 10kph and they are not displayed in miles. It has a solid tubular steel frame to help with durability. You can use the treadmill and the LCD display panel by simply plugging it into a power outlet, without connecting to an app via Bluetooth. It is a good little treadmill for small flats, will not take up much space and can be folded easily. There is no assembly required as it is shipped 99% assembled and you may use it straight out of the box.

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