Milliard Futon Sofa Bed, Multifunctional Sleeper Couch Review

Milliard Futon Sofa Bed, Multifunctional Sleeper Couch

Milliard Futon Sofa Bed 3 Positions

Milliard Futon Sofa Bed is a black velvet sleeper sofa couch with a wood frame for use in living rooms, family rooms, offices, dorm rooms or dens. The color options offered are black, navy blue and grey and with the same price tag at the time of this short product review.

Whichever color you choose the Millard Sofa Couch will go well with your room decor. It weighs 52 pounds and measures 28D x 73W x 31H inches as assembled with the seat measuring 73W x 21.5D inches and 66L x 40W x (5 + 9)H inches when opened into the sofa bed mode. This sofa bed is 9 inches off the floor and the total maximum user weight capacity is specified as 660 pounds. With the squared off shape, wooden legs and upholstered with beautiful velvet it looks quite nice and stylish with a mid-century modern feel. 

It is a versatile futon that would work well as a lovely sofa couch in your family room or den. And it will recline when you want to watch TV or read a book on it. You can just lay it flat to turn it into a comfortable bed when you have guests staying over for the night. It is quite comfortable to both sit or sleep on thanks to the solid memory foam padding. It is built with the good quality materials and has a sleek and modern design. The arms come off when you want to change this convertible couch to sofa bed. With the custom comfort you can sit straight or recline.

Milliard Futon Sofa Bed Dimensions

The way you adjust it to the bed mode is you pull the back cushion forward and then release it back to the first or second angles or full down mode. It is a bit larger than a twin bed and comfortable enough to be used regularly with the firm cushions that are about five inches thick. The company offers good customer service and you may contact them if you’re confused during the assembly or have any questions or isues. You will get it shipped to your address in two boxes and you can assemble it easily with the instructions and the tools included in the packaging. The parts you need are put in the zipped pocket at  the rear of the futon. January 21, 2022 is the date it was first available at and is currently ranked the 7th best seller among the futon sets. 

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