Neretva 20-in-1 Stainless Steel Bread Maker with Nonstick Bread Pan Review

Neretva 20-in-1 Stainless Steel Bread Maker 

Neretva Bread Machine, 20-in-1

Neretva Bread Machine (PE8866GR) is a multifunctional 20-in-1 stainless steel, 2-liter capacity small kitchen appliance with a nonstick bread pan, a good size LED-backlit display, gluten-free setting, two loaf size and three crust color options, 15-hour reserve and 1 hour keep warm.

The average customer rating is 5 out of 5 stars by 16 users at the time of this post release for this number one new release bread machine. You have two color options of green and silver with a 10-dollar price difference. It weighs 11.88 pounds and measures 11.02L x 7.87W x 9.25H inches and will fit on any kitchen countertop easily. There are 20 preset options including sweet bread, cake, gluten free, sweet bread, whole wheat, jam, yogurt, dough, French bread and more.

The two size options are 1.5 and 2 pounds and the three crust shades are light, medium or dark. You can make a variety of different breads that will be good for home kitchen, coffee shops, office use and more. You can make these nice breads with just the touch of a button and with a unique knob desigb the kneading, rising and baking are adjusted automatically. The LCD-backlit control panel is easy to adjust and it will tell you when your bread will be done.

The transparent window at the top will let you view how the bread loaf is rising and baking. You have the Pause function that you can use to make adjustments during the bread making process. There is no need to plan anything in advance and you can get bread from the oven. With the 15-hour delay start timer you can set the time so that the bread maker starts working at a later time and you have bread ready for your dinner (program in he morning) or breakfast (program the evening before).

It also has the 1 hour automatic Keep Warm function and you can have your bread nice and fresh and warm whenever you want. The 15-minute memory function is available for a temporary power cut. The bread it makes is certainly healthier than what you buyNeretva Bread Maker Machine, 20-in-1 Functions at the supermarket or bakery. It has the detachable non-stick pan and kneading paddle for cleaning it up easily with a sponge, soft brush and hot water after the machine cools down.

The AC motor and the double heating tubes are very efficient and work very quietly. All you need to do is to put the ingredients in, like water, yeast, salt, flour, egg etc. and you get a great bread that is fluffy inside and crusty on the edges without any preservatives or additives used. You can also add nuts and seeds if you like. It has a sleek, modern, compact and space saving design and comes with a measuring spoon, measuring cup, kneading blade and hook. It is very safe to use and durable with a long service life.

You have the option to make just dough with the “dough only” setting and you can mix the dough, take it elsewhere and continue bread making in the machine. The inner bread pan or barrel is made of aluminum and with the non-stick coating and it is very clean. There is a year of warranty and efficient customer support that get back to your questions or queries within 24 hours. You’ll get a user manual that you can refer to included in the box. It first became available at on April 9, 2021 and is ranked the 16th best selling bread machine on the market.

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