NewAir Portable 33 lb Ice Maker, NIM033BK00 Review

NewAir Portable 33 lb Ice Maker, NIM033BK00  

NewAir NIM033BK00 Portable Ice Maker

Black NewAir NIM033BK00 is a portable mini countertop style ice maker with a 33lb. capacity with two ice size options of small and large. Other options include the stainless steel which is roughly 100 dollars more and white at 12 dollars less at the time of this product review.

You can use it in small kitchens, boats, bars, RVs and wherever you see fit. NewAir 33lb. Ice Maker has quite a modern design and looks good on any counter, in any of the three colors or materials- solid plastic or stainless steel. It is quite easy to set up and will make fresh and tasty ice of two different sizes quickly. You can expect great quality ice from this ice maker that is made of good quality materials.

It weighs 21.4 pounds and measures 14 x 9.4 x 12.9 inches, occupies only about one square foot of space and can have a permanent spot on your kitchen counter with its sleek and modern design. It makes ice quickly and you’ll get a new batch of bullet shaped ice every 8 minutes or so. In the box you’ll find an ice basket and a small ice scoop to transfer the ice into your drinks or freezer. It is made of certified BPA- free materials and no bad chemicals will go into your ice.

Once you’re done with the ice making the ice maker is easy to drain and clean. If you’re getting the Add Water warning even though you have more than enough water in there, it may be to do with the sensors- either dirty or faulty. Please seek help from the customer service team. You can keep the ice maker on 24/7 as long as NewAir NIM033BK00 Portable Ice Machineit has enough water to make ice. It will turn itself off automatically when the ice basket is full or when it runs out of water.

The NewAir Ice Maker is designed in the US and manufactured in China like most products these days. You need to remove the ice cubes straight away as it doesn’t have a built-in freezer or they will melt slowly to make more ice in the next batch. This ice maker comes with a year of warranty by the manufacturer and customer service in case you have questions or encounter problems. NewAir is a well known brand of coolers, portable air conditioners, wine and beverage fridges with a 15 years of history.

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